Team Unify SMS Feature and Directions to Install

Team Unify, our website platform, has an awesome new mobile application for coaches and parents. One great feature of this app for our coaches is they can send text messages to our members from their mobile phones. This is an excellent feature because they can text message our families and swimmers in case of an emergency (e.g., last minute cancellation of practice, change in warmup times for a meet, etc.). In order for the coaches to be able to use this feature though, our members need to provide cell phone number information where they can receive text messages. We need this information input in  two places  in your account.

To provide a cell phone number for text messaging in your account, please sign into your RAC account.  When you are on the Account Info tab screen, click the button that says "Add SMS"
You will see a pop-up screen where you add your cell number and cell carrier information, then click send.
You will receive a text on that phone number with a verification code that you will need to input to verify the cell phone number.
You can add more than one cell phone number to receive text messages (e.g., swimmer, spouse, other caregiver).

But we need to you add this cell phone information one more place in your account because an emergency may not effect all practice groups. For example, if the coach becomes ill in the middle of the night and needs to cancel morning practice, it will only effect one or two practice groups, thus we need to you provide the same cell phone information under your swimmers names as well. 

While you are signed into your account, click on your swimmer name at the bottom of the Account Info screen.
In the middle of the Member/Athlete Profile screen you will see the "Add SMS" button.
Click that button and follow the instructions above.
NOTE: If you have more than one swimmer, you will need to do this for each swimmer in your family. Don't forget Masters and Olympic Way swimmers.

When you have completed these steps please click on the "save changes" button at the bottom of the screen.

We will still be using our newsletter and email as our primary source of communication, but this allows for immediate communication for last-minute situations.

Please make an effort to provide cell phone information for your account and all your swimmers for text messaging. We are trying to get 100% participation from our members. Thank you for your support.