Fundraising Update!


Good morning,


I wanted to take a few minutes and provide you all with a fundraising update. As you all know, our Butter Braid pastry sale is now closed but our online donation system is still up and running. To date, we have raised over $3000 towards our goal of $6000. Our top ten earners are (includes both online and pastry fundraisers):


Coach Nicole                     $518.50

Armen Kazazean               $455.00

Perrin Marion                     $444.50

Paige Marion                     $444.50

Grace Burhans                  $135.00

Chase Stacco                    $129.60

Isabel Mazzola                  $127.80

Anthony Mazzola               $127.80

Avery Prouty                      $96.00

Ethan Sherman                 $57.60


Every little bit helps! You can always check our online donation status by clicking on the Marauders website and then clicking the lane line on our home page. It’s kind of exciting to see all of the donations coming in. More donations will light up more blue links on our lane line. We will keep you all updated on our progress. The system online does not reflect our pastry fundraising efforts.


Thank you for all of your efforts.


Coach Nicole