November 2013 Site Visit Report of UANA TSC Chair Bill Hogan to Toronto 2015
The Organizing Committee TO2015 met in Toronto this past weekend, and I attended as the UANA Technical Delegate and as a member of the TO2015 Organizing Committee.  The meetings were held at the TO2015 offices in downtown Toronto over the Friday and Saturday, November 8-9, 2013.   Bob O'Doherty (Senior VP, Sport & Venues)and Denis Hainault (Vice President Sport) were in attendance as well. 
Friday, Nov 8 - Throughout the day we met separately with the TO2015 Leads responsible for Entries, Qualifications & Technical Manuals, Protocol & Victory Ceremonies personnel, Press Operations Leads, Medical & Anti-Doping, Transportation, and Accreditation.  We also met with David Smith, responsible for Timing, Scoring & Results,  The interesting information from that session was that there are a lot of TO2015 people now hired on staff who were on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic OC, as well as a number now on staff from the London 2012 Games.  To day the least, we have a very experienced group.  Also for our purposes, David Smith informed us that contracts have been signed with Omega and MSL for Timing, Scoring, and Results.  This will be important information for Mike Unger and Larry Herr, I would expect, as we get further into our planning in that area.
Saturday, Nov 9 - The whole day was spent at the TO2015 offices receiving updates on the progress of the Venue Operating Plan Process presented by Venue Management.  They briefed us on the Functional Areas including Security, Venue Overlays, Blueprints of Swimming Venue, Transportation, Logistics, Accreditation, Catering, Cleaning and Waste, Sport Information Desks at venues, VIP seating & support, Press, Media , Medal Ceremony locations, etc.  
Greg, there were important updates from all areas relating to the Games.  I guess our next step for our UANA TSC will be to firm up the Technical Manual to include PASO approvals recently done for the meet itself.  I will get in touch shortly with Jay and the committee members regarding those updates.  Feel free to pass this update on to Fernando and Coaracy and his executive if you so wish.
Bill Hogan, UANA TSC Chair