CLUB NEWS, November 14, 2013


"The water is your don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move". 

Alexandr Popov



Check your Kelowna Entries: Tina has posted a second draft of the entries for the main meet and Jamboree to the facebook page . . . 

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Sign up for the Club Time Trial on November 30th Not your average Time Trial . . . we have invited Orca to join us, and Masters swimmers will be swimming with us!  Open to kids in Juniors and Up. 

Sign up for the Liquid Lightning Jamboree:  December 8th, West Kelowna, for kids not yet sub-4 – check with your coach if you aren’t sure if this meet is for you.  Deadline to sign up is November 25th.  Late sign ups, if accepted, will be charged a $20 late fee.

Check the Lost & Found:  We have a lot of "stuff" in our lost and found, and will be taking it to the Salvation Army in the near future.  Please check to see if anything belongs to you before it gets sent away!

Remember the AGM: November 29th, 5pm. Year End Reports, Elections to the Board of Directors, and a motion to change our fiscal year end from August 31, to July 31.  Parent social to follow at a location to be announced. 

Congratulate a Mini Squad Swimmer: Many of our MiniSquad swimmers competed in their FIRST EVER swim meet this past Saturday as we hosted our first club Mini Meet of the season.  We had a great turn-out, and it was fabulous to see so many kids having so much fun.

Wish a High School Swimmer Good Luck:  Pen Hi, Princess Margaret, and KVR Middle School will be represented at the Provincial High School Swim Championships in Richmond on Friday and Saturday.  Best Wishes to all of the swimmers competing.



It's really cool to be able to say that I go to school on top of a mountain. There's lots of great trails and when the day is clear I can look across almost all of Vancouver. I love that I'm able to keep paddling despite the large course load and being on the ocean at least once a week is great. The curriculum is definitely a challenge, but I'm enjoying the complexity of the topics, especially physics. The Engineering Science Student Society is doing a great job of getting all students involved and providing lots of cool networking opportunities by visits from companies like Google and Electronic Arts. Residence has also been a great way to get to know people, and I hope that I can help with making SFU a great place for everyone by applying to be a Community Advisor on residence next fall term. While being here is great, the rain does start to get a bit dreary and I'm missing the sun and everybody back at home.




The Team Culture Aspect of "Success"

by John Leonard

Think ahead to our end of season meets I would like to address both swimmers and parents about the team culture aspect of "success". First, please understand that the coaches will be excited for the swimmers when they do well. Also understand that the "more excited" parents and coaches get about a good swim, the "bigger deal" it will be, and the HARDER it is for the child to continue to get better.

So, the coaches comments and attitude will FOCUS on how to get faster the next time the child swims the event, (how to swim better.) and we'd ask parents to offer a "restrained" congrats. I know this is counter-intuitive to parents, but TOO MUCH praise acts as a brake on further improvement. We want to foster the idea that IMPROVEMENT comes from attention to detail, swimming correctly, and following instructions. "Well done, good swim" is a good parental comment. "AWESOME, UNBELIEVEABLE, FANTASTIC"is NOT a good set of comments. (Think about what those words MEAN.)

Also, we want to teach the children that joy over a good swim is a good thing. But perspective and recognizing that they are hard working swimmers with good coaching, is more important. NATURALLY they will improve! If they practice well, and consistently, they will improve -- maybe not every time, but very often. So the behavior of the athlete needs to follow the idea of "Act like you have been there before!" (Instead of the showboating pro football player, who does dances and calls attention to himself for an ordinary tackle or run. They get paid millions of dollars to run or to tackle....they should be doggone good at it. Just hand the ball to referee and get back in the huddle....) Same in swimming. Smile, shake hands with the swimmer next to you, go back and see the coach, accept a couple of congratulations and listen to the coach to learn how to continue to improve next time. Two minutes after the race, forget it and start thinking through your next race. And do EXACTLY the same after a less than satisfactory swim.

Be happy, celebrate, but be respectful of both your fellow competitors and the process of improvement. Parents, please share this with your swimmers, either in writing or your own words. Expect to hear the coaches explaining this to swimmers as well.

If the team culture is right, every swimmer will be "right".