Manta Ray Partners

Twenty-six Manta Rays headed to Indianapolis, IN this weekend to participate in the IMXtreme Games at IUPUI. The team captured a second place finish and walked away with twenty individual awards. The IMXtreme Games awards individuals on their total IMX score for the meet versus awarding each individual event. In order to be eligible for this meet swimmers needed to acquire an IMX score of at least 1500 over the past year. Click on the link if you are not familiar with USA Swimming's IMX program.

Individual awards went to the following swimmers:

Kiara Anchrum (10) 1920 IMX points 14th place

Adam Chaney (11) 2729 IMX points 4th place

Nicky Diangelo (11) 2220 IMX points 8th place

Kara Alexander (12) 3001 IMX points 6th place

Raegan Willis (12) 2775 IMX points 8th place

Amanthi Ranatunga (12) 2419 IMX points 14th place

Meredith Wolf (12) 2355 IMX points 15th place

Scott Shepherd (12) 1929 IMX points 10th place

Brandon Meyers (12) 1319 IMX points 16th place

Kierstyn Cassidy (13) 3089 IMX points 7th place

Luis Carrillo (13) 2809 IMX points 7th place

Puran Kansakar (13) 2249 IMX points 10th place

Jackson Ford (13) 1675 IMX points 13th place

Allison Bloebaum (14) 3716 IMX points 1st place

Heyle Krugler (14) 2269 IMX points 5th place

Cayla Bodner (14) 2095 IMX points 6th place

Matt Helm (14) 2386 IMX points 5th place

Josephine Waller (15) 2836 IMX points 1st place

Caroline Wolf (15) 2775 IMX points 2nd place

Mike McDonald (15) 1632 IMX points 6th place