CLUB NEWS, November 20, 2013


Sports gives your life structure, discipline, and a pure fulfillment that few other areas of endeavor provide.

– Bob Cousy, basketball player



Know your Saturdays:  

Nov. 23 - cancelled because of Kelowna Meet (we have 46 swimmers attending the Kelowna Meet).

Nov. 30 – This is also the date of our club time trial happening in the afternoon. Swimmers (Juniors and up) are expected to either be at regular Saturday morning practice or the time trial in the afternoon.

Dec. 7 - This will be normal Saturday morning practice for the first hour. The last 1/2 hour will be relay practice for everyone, but we will want to get together the relay swimmers for the Kamloops relay teams to have a bit of practice time together.

Dec. 14 – Our second Mini Meet is happening on this Saturday morning – don’t forget to sign up your mini squad and junior swimmers!

Dec. 21 – First Day of Christmas break – Swim Academy has practice this morning.

Sign up for the Club Time Trial on November 30th: Open to kids in Juniors and Up.  Deadline is November 26th.  Cost - $10; $25 for late entries so sign up soon!

Masters - Sign up for the Dual Meet:  Also on November 30th, KISU will be having a showdown with Summerland Orca in conjunction with the club time trial.  To sign up, go to the Events section of our home page, select the Attend/Decline button beside the Masters Meet, and sign up!

Sign up for the Liquid Lightning Jamboree: Deadline to sign up is November 25th for this Jamboree on December 8th.  For swimmers not yet sub-4 for their 200IM.  If you aren’t sure, ask your coach!  Late sign ups, if accepted, will be charged a $20 late fee.

Plan to attend the AGM: November 29th, 5pm. Your attendance is important and valuable!  When we apply for grants, we need to send in our AGM attendance.  A strong and active membership is a great asset to our applications!  Year End Reports, Elections to the Board of Directors, and a motion to change our fiscal year end from August 31, to July 31 are on the agenda.  The meeting was 22 minutes long last year!  Parent Social to follow.  If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Nancy at

Congratulate a Pen Hi Laker: The Pen Hi Lakers Swim team, many of whom are KISU swimmers, recently placed 9th at the Provincial High School Championships!  124 schools were in attendance – 9th place is an amazing showing! Also worth congratulating are members of the KVR Swim Team – they were in a 5 way tie for 54th place – tremendous job done by a crew of grade 8’s only!  Well done everyone!

Attention Swim Academy - Check your Dryland Gear:  We are missing a shirt, size small, that may have not been returned after being tried on last week.  If you have it, please contact Susan Koster at

Volunteer for SPECIAL OLYMPICS: Special Olympics swimming is looking for volunteers on Saturday mornings from 9am-10am (right after Saturday morning practice!) They will receive credit for volunteer hours and get to give back to their community in something they are very good at - Swimming. 



Things are going really well this year. I am in the Arts and Science program, focusing on International Development and Biology. I really like the variety of classes, right now I am taking everything from political science to biochemistry to studio art. I'm managing to take a full course load and balance my minimum 8 practices a week for swimming, although I'm pretty busy! Training is going well, I swim a lot of breastroke and have been working on sprinting so that I can score points for Guelph in as many distances as possible. This past weekend we had our big meet for this semester and I swam my second best ever 400 IM and was fairly close to my best times in the breastrokes. 6 girls qualified for CIS which was really exciting! On Thursday I get to swim the 100brst at the University Challenge Cup in Toronto, which is a sort of dual meet between the top 8 universities in Canada so I'm getting pumped for that! I definitely miss BC and everyone at home, so it'll be awesome to be back in 3 weeks and swim with KISU in Kamloops!




Role Models of Excellence,  By John Leonard, ASCA

A few weeks ago, a parent asked me what traits I looked for in a swimming coach when my children were swimming....(more than a few years ago, I might add). I found that to be a valid and important question. Here’s my answer (s).

First, the coach is going to spend more time with my son than I am. Therefore, if my son “grows up” to be like the coach, I want the coach to be a role model of excellence.

Here are the things I think go into that “role modeling”.

#1. Truthfulness. You can be wrong. You can’t be dishonest.

#2. Fairness. I don’t expect everyone to be treated the same because everyone is different.

But I do expect treatment of the child commensurate with the commitment of the child to the sport and team.

#3. A commitment to teaching. Both swimming skills and life skills. We’re put on earth to help one another. I want the coach to teach my son that.

#4. Hard work – In our family we believe in the importance of hard work, and that hard work is its own intrinsic reward. It’s not just Hard work= Success, it’s that hard work is rewarding all by itself.

#5. Achievement – Goal setting is important. Working towards the goal is even more important.

#6. Resilience – We all get “knocked down” by life (and sport). Getting back up every time and going back at it with no sulking is vital. We grow by defeats and our response to them, not by the “victories” in life. Cheap victories are expensive in the long run.

#7. Respect. For others work, others achievements, others effort. Learn that achievement is difficult and should be respected in every field.

#8. Respect, part two. – All human work has dignity and deserves respect. The guy collecting garbage from in front of your house in the hot south Florida sun has a heck of a hard job. Call him “sir”, mean it, and when you can, help him lift a can or two.

#9. Learning to be a learner (lifelong variety) is important to your development.

#10. Love and respect your elders. We ALL stand on the shoulders of someone and we don’t get to land on the mountain top by helicopter and think/pretend we climbed up there. Do your own climbing and respect those who gave you legs to do so. GRATEFULNESS is a wonderful quality in a person.

That’s on the top of my list. What’s on yours? I want my sons coach to be all teacher.

I was lucky to have more than one.  So is your child.

All the Best, John Leonard