MIT Meet Information


To the Zesiger Aquatic Center

2013 North Shore Swim Club Prelim & Final Meet


Please help us maintain a high caliber event by following facility rules.

No lawn/coaches/directors chairs or helium balloons in the building. No glass on deck.

Shoes must be worn beyond the aquatic center locker room and gallery. Roller skates are prohibited inside the Z-Center.(This includes Roller shoes)

No food or coolers on deck. Drinks in plastic containers only.

Athletes, Coaches, and Spectators are restricted to the aquatic center and main lobby.

Please bring bags on deck and do not leave belonging in locker room.

Clean up team area after each session.

Deck changing is not allowed.

ENTRANCE - 2nd floor via north gallery spiral staircase.

POOL ADJUSTMENTS – During Friday prelims only the 13-14 female & male 400 IM’s will be swum after the last senior event in the Spectator pool Saturday & Sunday Prelims all 11-12 boy’s events will be swimming in the spectator pool.

Please check the sessions timelines for the actual breakdowns and order for each pool.


Athletes that are participating in the session will be invited on deck. All swimmers who are not swimming in the session are asked to view the meet from the spectator gallery.

Coaches and officials will use their US Swimming card as credentials to gain access to the pool. Coaches and officials will be allowed on deck 30 minutes prior to the start of each warm up. Entry will be from the lobby and by the admissions table to the spiral staircase. Swimmers waiting in the lobby must be under supervision by a coach or designated parent.

Spectators will be invited to enter the spectator gallery 15 minutes after the athletes have been granted access to the pool. Please do not crowd the entrance to the gallery in order to allow swimmers an easy access to the pool.

Parent workers and Timers will need to check in at the spiral staircase to pick up their credential for deck access. Athletes serving as timers will get their credential from the timer on deck. Please return these credentials after your shift. We also will be asking teams participating in the meet to help with 2 timers for the Friday Morning

session and each of the evening Finals sessions.

ONLINE POSTING- at the website Meet page site warm up schedule and other pertinent information. Please direct all your swimmers and families to this site for all the meet information. Results will also be available through meet mobile.

TIMERS- Anyone interested in helping with timing please contact the head timer on the pool deck at the timing platform 30 minutes prior to the start of each session. *Timers will be invited down to the pool deck 30 minutes prior to the start of each session for the timers meeting. This will help MIT and NSSC control initial deck crowding.

OFFICIALS- anyone interested in officiating contact the meet referee Bill McElhiney at [email protected] .

PRE MEET SCRATCHES- if you have anyone that will not be attending the meet, please email Dan Warner at [email protected] with those scratches prior 9:00 PM Wednesday, December 11, 2013.

HEAT SHEETS- will be posted at both ends of the course and coaches will be supplied with seeded heat sheets at the timing table. Note: some events may be moved from one pool to the other pool to balance timelines for prelims.

STAGING: 2 heats can prepare behind the blocks, this is especially critical during 50’s. A 3 foot walkway must be maintained for Zesiger members from the locker rooms, around the dive well, to the teaching pool.

DISTANCE EVENTS – 1000 and 1650 frees will swim fastest to slowest with the top heat of the Senior 1000 frees, female & male swimming at the start of Sunday evening finals.

COACHES HOSPITALITY- there will be no food allowed on deck. NSSC will provide timers, officials and coaches with hospitality area throughout the meet. Food is prohibited on the pool deck at any time.

FACILITY DAMAGE- Facility damage will be charged back to the responsible team.

ACCIDENT/ INCIDENTS- MIT will need to fill out an accident report. Lifeguards will handle all in water emergencies as well as minor injuries. EMS will be called in the event of a serious injury. Emergency response time is approximately 5 minutes.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION: An alarm will sound. Lifeguards and customer service staff will direct evacuation. Athletes will exit at deck level through locker room or south west corner near teaching pool. Spectators will exit gallery and proceed down closest stairwell. All athletes, coaches and spectators must exit the building. Meet will resume once facility is safe.


MIT is located in a heavily populated area with little on campus parking availability.

There is limited on street parking available. We encourage swimmers to carpool, walk from hotels when able to maximize space available. Please plan accordingly.

Detailed parking map can be found at

**Parking for a discounted rate is no longer available for the 80 Landsdowne St and University Park garage. Anyone using off campus garages or parked in non-specified areas on campus are subject to the full parking rate.