RAYS Earn 2014 Silver Award From USA Swimming

 2014 Club Excellence Program Results
The Stingrays scored 14,618 points to earn a Silver award for our under 18 National & Junior National performances during the summer of 2013. This award recognizes our ability as a team to place athletes at the highest levels of competition. Our finish was 36th out of thousands of USA Swimming teams, we were third in the state of Georgia, and first in our area, more than doubling the score of other local teams.

Our goal is to reach the Gold level in the near future.  Only 20 teams in the entire country attain this lofty goal and none the size of Stingrays.  Our team point total relative to the size of our team is truly remarkable, and other teams might rest on those laurels. We believe that our program offers a unique training philosophy that helps to develop each of our swimmers to their very best potential.  Attaining the Silver level is proof positive that we have the right idea and are strong players on the national level. Each of our swimmers contribute to our greatness by coming to the pool each day and putting forth their very best effort.  We are great because we help make each other great.  We will continue to work each day to help all of our athletes build upon their strengths and shore up their weaknesses.Our Training for Life philosophy and our core values of Respect, Honesty, Discipline, Dedication and Loyalty set us apart and help us to teach our athletes to help themselves as well.  Congratulations Stingrays--We all did it together!  

To see where we stack up next to the competition, see the list of teams and scores here.