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Reasons to Become a Georgia Swimming Official


Support the team with your time as a volunteer.  Why not give something back to the team and sport that’s doing great things for your child?

Be on deck with your kids at swim meets.  You can talk to and encourage your swimmer(s) before and after their swims rather than waiting hours.

There is no better view of the pool. Get a front row seat to watch the swimming techniques of top swimmers and your own swimmer(s).

Learn more about the sport of swimming (Don’t you wish you knew why your child DQ’d?  What do things like “delay initiating turn”, “shoulders past vertical”, and “false start” mean anyway?)

Because you’re a valued volunteer, be well taken care of with:

Free heat sheets (you’ll actually know the heat and lane assignments)

Access to Meet Hospitality (free food!)

Free admission and parking

Sometimes Free Officials’ Polo Shirts

Since USA Swimming is a tax-exempt charitable organization, volunteer expenses such as mileage, hotel, and meals are potentially tax-deductable. All of your volunteer sessions are stored on easily accessible websites for fast compilation at tax time.

Nice people who will mentor you in the sport (Officials really are nice once you get to know them!)

You can make a difference!  Don’t sit in the stands on cold hard seats and get a sore back, stand up and be involved with the swimmers on deck and give something back to your community :)

Set a positive example for your children to be strong productive citizens who contribute to their communities.

Swim Meets are much more interesting when you participate.


Officials Training Clinics for Stroke & Turn Judge (those who observe swimmers to ensure that the technical rules of swimming are followed) are being scheduled now in time for upcoming meets.  Please contact [email protected] for more information or to help you navigate the process. Most USA Swimming clubs will reimburse your costs to become a certified official once you complete your certification.

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