AND, the WINNER is:

The official Swim-a-Thon fundraising numbers have been finalized, and we now know our ICE CREAM PARTY contest WINNER.

First, before we get to that very exciting announcement, all countries and Stingrays should know that this year's Swim a Thon was a big success. Every country fought a good fight, and all fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated! Your individual prizes based on your personal fundraising amounts will be coming in down the road as well so those are very well deserved for ALL fundraisers from ALL countries! Thank you so much for your hard work and support of our team!

But, as everyone knows, only 1 country could officially win the ICE CREAM party. Only the country with the highest  fundraising total was to be rewarded with this sweet treat celebration! And, this year, that Swim a Thon Country Champion is............




Way to go, Oosassasa!! Your ICE CREAM PARTY details are below.

Oosassasa was our winning leader by a pretty good amount with Maeta following at 2nd place, Genovia at 3rd place, and Florin at 4th place. Again, all countries did a GREAT job coming together for our Stingrays team! Thank you all so much! 


ICE CREAM PARTY will be held for those Oosassasa citizens listed below who also swam in the official Swim a Thon laps day at their pool location. The details of the ICE CREAM PARTY are as follows:       

To be held on: MLK JR Day (January 20th) from 1:30 - 2:30 pm 

@ the Eagle Watch Country Club Pool

(Address can be found under "Locations" tab)


Hope to see you there, Oosassasa! Get ready for some sweet treats and fun celebrations!





OOSASSASA citizens included:


Jack Gunning                        Chase Brown        Alexandria Ham        Elizabeth Murray        Emma Murray

Madison Grace Bristow          Josh Horne            Belle Barry              Connor Maggio                



Julie Brophy         Alex Edwards           Ansley Hutcheson        Maggie Murray             Brian Oktavec

Ivan Stavrev         Morgan Boyd           Jose Key                     Aidan Sherlock            Emma Balevic

Amy Cataldo        Juanita Delgado        Rachel Gellar               Will Halloran                Will Horton

Sammi Kiel          Austin Kral               Luke Loubser                Edgar Moreno              Cedric Pfeiller

Guy Purvis          Emily Streck             Justin Yap                    Parmida Jamshidi



Almy, Taylor             Brothers, Avery          Clasper, Charolotte        Drost, Lizzy              Green, Libby

Hoffstetter, Alex        Kallbreier, Abbie         Lamm, Billy                  Logan, Madison         Modlinski, Abby

Nicholls, Marina         Pepin, Eve                 Pepin, Sofia                 Powell, Makayla        Springer, Isabel

Utendorf, Georgie



Nikarta Aeinehchian    Justice Benjamin          Riley Bos                   Michael Clark                Laura Cormier

Sophia Dietz               Jose Espinel                Amelia Hamilton         Aubrey Hamilton           Alex Iacono

Reese Kelly                Cameron Kight              Lilly Levy                   Sophie Levy                Derek Madaris

Luke O’Malley             Emmie Riley                Grace Schlichting        Henry Schlichting        Jadyn Stanley

Denis Veller                Cecelia (Rose) Young    Ryan Young



Kuron Barnhill         Olivia Baer                 Daniel Beck               Mackenzie Bond         Kirstyn Burwick    

Chris Castaldo        Anna Coleman            Griffin Dunn               Ahnika Estesen          Jake Gleeson

Emily Hotinger        KC Harper                  John Jardin                James Hopkins          Carson Maggio    

Emily Mabry           Will Moore                  JeLeah O’Connor        Katie Pendleton         Gabby Ramey

Lizzie Robertson     Charlie Scaglione        Nisha Shakya             Clay Stoker               Fawzi James

Darius White