Sibling Rivalry
School pride runs deep and apparently its in the water as well. This past week KSC was on the Big Island aiming for their 23rd straight team title at the Hawaii State Swimming Championships. With the Auburn vs Florida State National Championship football game nearing on Jan 6, John wanted to show his support for his alma mater.
John swam at Auburn and was a part of the school's first NCAA National Swimming Championship in 1997.  John's brother Kevin, co-head coach of Kamehameha Swim Club with John, swam at Florida State where he was an All-American and ACC Conference Record Holder.
With the help of some unnamed KSC parents and Auburn head swim coach Brett Hawke, Coach Kevin was greeted to a surprise during the meet's first prelim session.  He was welcomed to 86 Kamehameha swimmers all sporting Auburn swim caps, a magnificent sea of orange and blue.  Kamehameha's new "team caps" were a sight for all swimmers and spectators to enjoy, and a constant reminder to Florida State alumni Kevin that his swim team will be cheering for an Auburn win.  Both brothers are looking to enjoy the upcoming game between the schools firsthand in Pasadena.  If it ends up a Florida State win, Coach Kevin will certainly have the last laugh.