Loggerhead Parent Meeting and Jan 11 Practice Schedule
Dear Loggerhead,
As we kick off the new calendar year and into near the middle of our yearly schedule, the coaching staff would like to invite you to a parent meeting the morning of Saturday January 11, 2014.  We will be discussing items such as athlete development, nutrition, time management, team policies, etc.  Between the two sessions we will have a coffee break and after each session parents may come speak with the coaches. 
In addition, we will also discuss the growth of the team, our swimmers, and what our goals are leading into the near future.
Parent Meeting:
The meeting will be held in the meeting rooms of the Rec Center at 350 Plantation Club Parkway.  We will have a modified practice schedule that will ease the transportation issues and provide an activity for your swimmer during the meeting.  We have split the Age Group program up by last name and all of their practices will be at the Rec Center.  Below, you can find the full list of practice schedules and times but it is designed to correspond with the parents meeting time.  We will be adding a Saturday All-Star and Silver practice to the schedule for Saturday January 11.
Last Name A-K         9:30am-10:30am
Coffee/Break  10:30am-10:50am
Last Name L-Z          10:50am-11:50am
Practice Schedule:
Last Name A-K – All-Star, Bronze, Silver, 9:30-10:30am @ Rec Center
Last Name A-K – Gold 9:30-11:00am @ Rec Center
Last Name L-Z – All-Star, Bronze, Silver 11:00-12:00pm @ Rec Center
Last Name L-Z – Gold 10:30-12:00pm @ Rec Center
All Senior I & National – 7:00-9:30am @ Rec Center
All Senior II – 7:00-9:00am @ Rec Center

All Gold Plus – 9:30-12:00pm @ Aquatics Center
If you should have any questions, please contact Coach Mark Corley at [email protected].
We look forward to seeing you there!
The Loggerhead Coaching Staff
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