CLUB NEWS, January 8, 2014


“If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.”

– Mario Andretti



Check your entries for the January Jamboree: (attachment at the end of this newsletter) Deadline to sign up was last night, so if you do so after 8pm your swimmer won't be in this first draft of entries.  If haven’t signed your swimmer up yet,  there is still time, but the $10 late fee applies.  Please email Jill or Tina directly to get in.

Sign Up to Volunteer:  You don’t have to have a swimmer in the Jamboree to volunteer your help!  If your swimmers will be participating, your meet fees are reduced when you volunteer.  There are lots of ways to help, and it’s a ton of fun, too!  Plus, it’s great for you to become involved in your child’s sport – click the Job Sign Up button!

Get your KISU towel:  KISU microfiber towels are available for $30.  They are great for swim meets because they dry quickly! 

Don’t be shocked in the parking lot  . . . There is a concert at the SOEC on Thursday and overflow parking will be directed to the Community Centre lot.  Pay parking is in effect FOR CONCERT GOERS ONLY.  There will be attendants in the lot, so please just let them know that you are a Community Centre patron and you won’t be charged.



KISU alumni swimmer, Kyle Gillich, was at the pool during Christmas Camp doing some videoing – here is one of the short clips:



Meet Attendance

KISU has it as one of our team goals this season to have at least 50% of our swimmers attend at a minimum of 8 swim meets or time trials. It may seem like that is a lot, but it works out to only one event per month.

Why is it important to attend meets?

There are several reasons why it is important to attend swim meets.

First, it is the game. In competitive swimming, swim meets are where the action is. Although your swimmer will still learn to swim well without ever going to a meet, the meets give your swimmer purpose to their practice. Never going to a meet would be like signing up for soccer, but only ever doing the drills. Swim meets give your swimmer a reason to do proper turns in practice, to work harder than they everhave before, to become fitter/stronger than they have ever been. It is motivating and inspiring to go to a swim meet.

Competitive swimming is a great sport in that the focus is really on self-improvement. There is far more emphasis on whether or not you did a best time compared to how well you placed in the group. Hard work in practice is almost always seen in the pool at the swim meet as time improvement. This is a great lesson to learn in life.

Attending a number of meets throughout the season is also important because swimmers will likely have an event or two where they don’t improve. There are valuable life lessons to be learnt through this experience and they will undoubtedly become better swimmers through it.

Swimming is a great sport in that it gives children multiple chances to get things right. At any of our regional swim meets, swimmers generally have the opportunity to race 3 – 6 times per day. For children that might be quite nervous, eventually they will become more comfortable with preparing for and executing a race. Again, these are great life skills.

Swim meets are also important because they are fun. Swimmers get to know their team mates better through their experiences at swim meets and sometimes these friendships are what bring them back to the pool each day.

What meets should my swimmer attend?

Time Trials - Time trials are placed strategically throughout the season to give our KISU swimmers quick and easy opportunities to race. We often cover events that do not come up in the regular meet programs as often. Parents should always come out to volunteer at time trials.

Home Meets – KISU swimmers should always participate in our home meets. Parents are expected to volunteer at these meets as well (home meets are huge fundraisers for our club and since everyone benefits from lower club fees, everyone should help out at the swim meet).

Regional Invitational Meets – these are our local meets – Kelowna, Vernon – which give swimmers great experience swimming in different pools, meeting swimmers from other clubs and opportunities to improve their times.

Special Away meets – KISU has a few away meets that are worth putting on your calendar. Our Big Bus meet is generally in April and we try to go to a different location each season. This year’s meet is scheduled for Victoria, April 25 -27. This is a great meet for team bonding and is usually lots of fun. Wenatchee is also an Invitational meet that should be on everyone’s calendar. It is the first weekend in June, but the deadline for entries is usually in February (you should read that again . . . ). This meet usually fills up, so we get our entries in on the day the meet information is sent out. It is a special meet as it is International and in a 10 lane, long course, outdoor pool. I highly recommend it.

Qualifying meets –even without qualifying meets, your swimmers should be able to make it to 8 events a season. But if your swimmer has qualifying times for Championship meets, they have worked hard to get those times and should have the experience of attending the meets.

Don’t forget to sign up for the meets and time trials ON TIME!!


Jamboree Entry Draft