SCAT offers Officials Training clinic - Sign Up now

 SCAT will offer USA Swimming Officials Training Course for the following:

What:    Stroke & Turn Judges and / or Administrative Official

When:   Saturday, January 25th

Where:  Kedron Fieldhouse

When   8:30 am - Noon (Stroke & Turn Judges)   12:30 - 3pm (Admin Official)  Pick one or both!

Who Can Do It? -  ANYONE with an interest in the sport and love of working with kids!  We will teach you the rest!  Swimming background is NOT required.  Thats why we have a training course! 

Why:  By becoming a registered USA Swimming Official and volunteering your time at swim meets (of your choice), you will not only learn more about the "technical" side of your child's sport, you will have you will have access on deck at swim meets, parking priveledges, access to Meet Hospitality, heat sheets, and the option to become a part of the wonderful world of USA Swimming.   It's also a great way to meet other families in the sport from other clubs!

In addition, As a SCAT parent at SCAT hosted meets you will also receive credit towards your swimmers race fees for that meet.   This fee benefit is only for SCAT hosted meets.

How:   If you would like to sign up for this clinic, please email Denise Sturman @ [email protected]  Limited space so sign up soon!  We have parents coming from the entire Atlanta Metro region for this clinic. 



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