Bronze Update

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!!

Thanks to all of you that were able to make the practices this week, even on our days off from school!  It was great to have such a large attendance as we typically take this "new beginning" to review some great drills to work on stroke mechanics!

We had the priveledge of having Coach Sydney on deck with us for the break and Mon-Wed this week.  I took this opportunity to have her re-introduce some old drills and demonstrate some new ones.

We worked a different stroke each day and reinforced some better technical swimming!

On that note, your swimmer may occasionally feel that the drills we work on feel "weird" or "slow".  This is common and we expect it.  It is possible that it may truly "slow" them down short term.  We know that and it is a risk we are willing to take to correct stroke mechanics and/or body positions that may not serve them long term as they grow or become faster swimmers.  

Not to "beat a dead horse" but we really look at what they will grow into, not necessarily what works right now with their smaller bodies.  We hope to create good habits and mechanics that will serve them as they increase their distances and longer workouts.

So, if they are coming home and talking about crazy stuff we did in practice, they are right!  We hope to be mixing it up a bit and challenging them to master new skills.  I've attached a photo that one of the lifeguards took for us and she titled it, "Coach Wendy and the dead".  This certainly gave me a good giggle, but we had a lot of fun and we made some great strides with Breaststroke yesterday.

Monday, we worked on Butterfly and Tuesday we had some fun with Backstroke.  Tonight we will put it all together and review each of the drills we talked about Mon - Wed.  Next week we will put it all together and swim some longer distances with the full strokes and get ready for our meet on Saturday & Sunday!

Coach Natasha sent us a sweet Thank You note that I have also scanned and attached to this email.  We sure hated to see her go and will work hard to fill in the gaps.  If any of your swimmers would like to email a note, her email address is  [email protected]

As always - thanks for entrusting your swimmers to us!   I look forward to coming on deck EVERY day!

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