Stingrays Winter 2014 Season Info.
I have attached several documents with information about the winter season. With the snow days we are a little behind so we need to move quickly on a few things. I have listed the all the documents below please read them over carefully. 
Registration - If you have not yet registered with Community Education please do so ASAP. or Call 734-429-8020
Backstroke Meet - Our first meet will be Thursday, January 16th at Pinckney pathfinder Middle school. We knew this was going to be a quick turn around but with all the snow days and rescheduling it has pushed up our time table even more. I am confident that we can pull it off with out a hitch. But I will need your cooperation to make everything go smoothly. As always we will assume your swimmer(s) WILL be at the meet unless we hear otherwise from you. If your swimmer is unable to attend please Let me know NO LATER than Tuesday 1/14. 
Group Schedules - A general team training schedule for all the groups is attached which shows an ideal week with no conflicts. As you know most weeks we do have at least one conflict that we have to work around for this reason we will send out a schedule specific to each week. We will do our best to two weeks posted at a time. To avoid confusion I will send next week's schedule in a separate email.  
Equipment - Some groups are required to have the listed equipment for others there is a recommended lists if you wish to get for them. See handout for details Please use this link if you need to get anything
Calendar - General calendar for the season listing practices, meets and any known conflicts. As stated above a week specific schedule will be sent out each week.
Meet Schedule - More specifics about about meet locations times and dates.
Logo-wear order form - If you would like to order team gear please fill out the attached form and turn it in to the pool office no later than Monday, January 20th. Checks should be made payable to Saline Area Schools.
USA Swimming registration - If you are interested in swimming USA it is still possible but there are a limited number of meets left. If you are interested please contact me or Coach Jeff for more information. 
I know there is a lot here and because of the snow it is a few days later than I would have liked to get it out. If you have any questions after reading through the handouts please don't hesitate to let me know. If your new welcome to the team if your back welcome back.