Thank you all, Lee And Gray make the Front page!

Hi all,

Wow what a meet we had at Cera Ve this weekend! I wasn't there but based on numbers I must admit I a, honored and greatful to be able to work with such talent! 


As as always a progress report will follow but please take a moment to read this link:

This is from the cover of the swimming world website! While Carle may be referred to as Carly, it is obvious that our teams efforts and growth in our national team has not gone unnoticed! 

Stephen and Ryan's humbleness as a result of national recognition are something we can all be proud of. 


I applaud all of our swimmers at all times for their individual achievements and congratulate, with pride, our small family as we grow, evolve, and swim!


Special thanks to Coach Carle and Coach Jonah for growing with our team as they age.


Special thanks to Coach Eric and Lift for their out of water work! And to Coach Tricia and the rest of our staff for planting seeds and watching them grow!

 To the parents who commit just as much time as the swimmers be it in the car or in the stands! We are truly greatful and are anticipating great things to come!!! 


We do what we do for you!



Coach Chris!