Weekly News (Jan 13-19)

Hi Panthers,

Well hopefully we are coming closer to being back to a normal schedule. Regardless of the demonstration our Panther show must go on.

Up Coming Events:

Swim Meets:   On our new web page ( you can now sign up for both the Panther Palooza (January 28th at 1:15) and ISB Splash 2014 (March 15,16). To sign up, click on the swim meet tab or the actual swim meet on the home page and then commit to the event. There are the events there that your swimmers are eligible for and you can choose to sign up or not. If not, the coaches will choose the events.

Team Photos:  Because we will have new swimmers joining us this week, we will post pone our squad photos until the Panther Palooza. This will also insure we have full squads for the photos (this week is a little hectic to say the least).

Age up day:  This Thursday we will have a special practice where the swimmers who move up to a new training group will train the first half of the session with their old group and then be lovingly be sent on to the next age group to finish the practice.

Goal Setting Week: I have attached a simple goal setting sheet for you and your swimmers to work on. All next week, the coaches will be meeting with each swimmer to discuss their personal goals for the upcoming splash meet. Together they will devise a game plan to reach that goal. This is an important part of motivating swimmers so please do your best to have them completed by next.

That is it for now (I promise),

See you all on deck

Coach Day