Weekly News (Jan 20-26)

Hello Panthers,


Well this is goal week, I sure hope you had a chance to sit down over the weekend and take a look at where we want to be by Splash! The coaches have already started logging those goal meetings.

Important news of the week:


Panther Palooza is right around the corner (next Tuesday 1:15). Of course this will be held at the 50 m pool. Every swimmer will swim two events and try to get a new PB. Then we will have a little snack and celebrate the beginning of our second semester. We should finish by at least 4:30 or 5:00.


Registration for website and swim team: So far we have almost every family on the website. This is very important, because this will be our main source of information. Everything you will ever need to know is on that site. Even these emails will be logged under “News”. 

For the team registration we now have 97 families and 132 swimmers signed up. So we are about 80% complete, well done. Registration closes this Friday, so let’s get that last ones completed. Thanks Robynn for setting up in the CAO office to offer extra assistance.


Splash meet is not that far away, so sign up now and get those best volunteer jobs! As with Swimfest in our first semester, Splash meet is mandatory so no reason to wait. We are looking forward to stopping that trophy from heading out of town this year.


Travel Meets: Our two travel meets this year are to Hong Kong for the Mantas meet (May 10/11) and then to Phukett for the BIS flying fish meet (May 3/4).  I wanted to get this information out to you soon so that you can think about attending one of these events. One of the greatest things about being part of a swim team is traveling with the other swimmers and their families. It is truly my favorite time to spend with the swimmers from all ages. Meeting at the airport, traveling together, staying in the same hotel and eating the pre swim breakfast together…it is just awesome.


I would like Phuket to be our wind down, year-end celebration meet. It is on the beach and a great way to end the year. Hong Kong is a very competitive long course meet that will give our really competitive swimmers a look at competitors they don’t normally get to swim against. Both are great meets; please don’t hesitate to ask me more about these meets. My goal is to have a large portion of the team sign up for one of these two meets.


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day