Bolles Feb Meet Information (Results)

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BSS TYR February Meet Information


Dear Loggerhead,


Please read through all of the important email information below.  We look forward to the change in the weather this weekend with Saturday in the 70s and Sunday reaching into the 80s!

Even with the change in weather swimmers should pack to stay overly warm between their events.  We recommend swimmers sit in an area with good airflow to promote good performance.


The meet will run split course separated as described below:


Friday – Girls Shallow / Boys Deep

Saturday AM – Boys Shallow / Girls Deep
Saturday PM – 10&U Shallow / 11-12 Deep
Sunday AM – Girls Shallow / Boys Deep
Sunday PM – Girls 10&U and Boys 11-12 Shallow / Girls 11-2 and Boys 10&U Deep


Please be sure to have swimmers check in with their coach before and after their races.  This will be important to do in a timely manner as there will not be a lot of time between races as the timeline for the sessions is very quick with the split course.

Relay teams will be assigned immediately after warm ups as changes to relay teams may be necessary.  Relays are only in the afternoon sessions and are the first event of the afternoon.


Warm Ups


Warm Ups for both the AM and PM sessions are assigned and there are not lanes available for those arriving late to warm ups.  Please be sure to be on time.


Friday – (All Ages) – 3:30pm


Saturday AM – (13&O) – 6:20am


Saturday PM – (12&U) – 11:10am


Sunday AM – (13&O) – 6:20am


Sunday PM – (12&U) – 11:10am


Start Times & Estimated Finish


Friday – 4:30-6:30pm

Saturday AM – 8:00-11:30am

Saturday PM – 12:00-2:30pm

Sunday AM – 8:00-10:15am

Sunday PM – 12:00-2:00pm


Team Apparel


As usual, if your swimmer elects to wear a cap it MUST be a Loggerhead team cap.


Friday – White Shirts


Saturday – Navy Shirts


Sunday – Green Shirts



We look forward to a fast weekend of swimming!



The Loggerhead Coaching Staff

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