Practice update for Thursday 1/30

As of 10:00 am, the City is trying to "open" by 10:30am.  Employees are still trying to get to offices to assess whether they can open.  The issue with Kedron pool at this point is that the hill leading down toward the building is not in the sun, so they are concerned if it will remain too icy to drive.

I have spoke with Priscilla at the pool and she will get back in touch with us as soon as they have more information.

We would love to be able to hold a practice this afternoon especially considering we have a meet this weekend, but our decision will be based on Kedron's recommendations.  

I will send another email no later than 2pm to let you know what they have decided.

Thanks for your patience!  Hope you are all enjoying a bit of downtime.

Coach Denise

Team Store