Swim Team Social and Fundraiser

Hello Everyone,

As you know our Swim Team Social and Fundraiser is coming up on February 22nd. Tickets are available through Jeff Grace – [email protected]

For donations to gift basics each group has a designated person that is in charge of organizing the donations:

Olympic Way – Julie Mason - [email protected]

Regional –Karen Leeson  [email protected]

LMR – Tracy Dignum - [email protected]

Provincial and Super Acievers –Sian Pitman -  [email protected]

SwimFit - Sian Pitman - [email protected]

Your main contact for any other donations is Rhonda Kagna – [email protected]

We have arranged it so you can drop off all donations at the front desk. The coaches will not collect any donations, this is because it takes the coaches attention away from the swimmers and the pool office is not the safest place for those types of items.

Also if you are planning to donate money please do so by cheque. Cash may be a lot more simple, but at times cash has a way of getting lost and we would not like to put ourselves in that situation.


Jeff Grace