EAJ 'Love to Race' Meet Information (Results)

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EAJ ‘Love to Race’ Meet Information


Attached to this email you will find an entry report for our team.  This meet has multiple sessions on Saturday (four to be exact) so please check to see which sessions you are entered in.  Some 13&Older swimmers were entered in two different sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, based on swims that they may have needed.


Here are the Sessions and the corresponding Event Numbers.


Session 1 ... Friday ... All Ages ... Events #1-8

Session 2 ... Saturday ... 13-14, Open ... Events #9-28

Session 3 ... Saturday ... Distance Free ... Events #29-30

Session 4 ... Saturday ... 12&Under ... Events  #31-48

Session 5 ... Saturday ... 13-14, Open ... Events #49-68


Meet Specific Information


The meet will be conducted in a single course on the shallow side of the pool.  For every session other than the 12&U afternoon session on Saturday the meet will be using 8 lanes.  For the 12&U afternoon session they have opted to use 10 lanes.


Warm Up Times


Session 1 ... 3:20pm

Session 2 ... 7:00am

Session 3 – 1000 Free Only – See your coach

Session 4 – 11:30am     11:15am updated 2/11/14

Session 5 – 3:50pm


Estimated Timelines by Session


Session 1 ... 4:30-7:30

Session 2 ... 8:30-10:40

Session 3 ... 10:50-11:30
Session 4 ... 12:20-3:40

Session 5 ... 5:00-7:10


Team Apparel


As usual, swimmers that elect to wear a swim cap MUST wear a Loggerhead team cap.


Friday – White Shirts

Saturday – Navy Shirts


Note to Swimmers


It is important to stay overly warm between your events.  The coaches HIGHLY recommend that you sit in an area where you can get fresh air between your events.  That may mean sitting closer to, our outside of the garage doors.  The air quality at the pool is far from the best and you want to be at your best.  Dress warm, like you are at an outdoor meet, and get some good air!

Heat loss occurs the most at the head and feet, so hats and shoes are a must in order to regulate your body temperature.

Hydrate!  Drink lots of fluids prior to meet day, in the morning of meet day, and through meet day!  Take a water bottle to warm-up and warm-down.  Hydrate, hydrate... hydrate!


Let’s swim smart and swim fast!

Go Loggerhead!


- The Loggerhead Coaching Staff

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