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Good week for Clippers

Nick Smith of the Northern Kentucky Clippers won the 9-10 boys' 1-kilometer competition and Lauren Herich won the 13-14 girls' 3-kilometer at the Ohio Open Water Championship at East Fork State Park. The Clippers finished fifth overall.

Swimmers 10 and under raced 1 kilometer; ages 11-12 raced 2 kilometers; ages 13-14 raced 3 kilometers; ages 15 and over raced 4 kilometers. Results:

9-10 girls: Mikayla Herich, second, 16:23.30; Madeleine Vonderhaar, fifth, 17:28.50; Grace Bank, 18th, 19:51.70; Sophia Hagen, 22nd, 20:00.60. The relay team of Herich, Vonderhaar and Bank finished second.

9-10 boys: Nick Smith, first, 15:08.90; Josh Smith, sixth, 16:18.10; Thomas Steiber, 10th, 17:02.10; Kayne Finley, 22nd, 21:23.20. The relay team of Smith, Smith and Steiber finished first.

11-12 girls: Maddie Heist, fifth, 31:14.40; Alex Smith, 22nd, 34:26.30; Lilly Morgan, 26th, 35:27.50. The relay team of Heist, Smith and Morgan finished fourth.

11-12 boys: Brendan Meyer, sixth, 31:28.50; Michael Summe, seventh, 31:33.80; Jake Lentsch, 10th, 32:52.30; Robby Larson, 15th, 34:24.90. The relay team of Meyer, Summe and Lentsch finished second.

13-14 girls: Lauren Herich, first, 40:05.20; Kenzie Margroum, 15th, 47:05.10; Whitney Sprague, 36th, 51:42.30. The relay team of Herich, Margroum and Sprague finished third.

13-14 boys: Zach Smith, 31st, 48:56.90; Noah Wilmink, 32nd, 51:20.80.

15 and over girls: Carlie Herich, fourth, 55:21.50.

Twenty-two Clippers currently rank in the top 50 in the United States by USA Swimming in their respective age groups. They ranked events/times are:

9-year-olds: Max Shoyat, 40th in 50 fly; Sophie Skinner 25th in 100 back, 43rd in 50 free.

10-year-olds: Thomas Steiber, 37th in 100 breast; Katie Summe 19th in 50 breast; Maddie Vonderhaar 22nd in 100 breast and 28th in 50 breast.
11-year-olds: Kate Akin, third in 50 fly, 11th in 100 fly; Jake Lentsch, 27th in 200 fly, 30th in 100 fly, 48th in 50 fly; Brendan Meyer, 19th in 200 back, 28th in 200 fly, 30th in 400 free; Lilly Morgan, 17th in 50 back, 18th in 100 back, 38th in 50 breast, 41st in 100 breast.

12-year-olds: Sammy Huffman, 18th in 50 breast; Mikey Summe, seventh in 50 breast and 24th in 100 breast; KayLee Witkiewicz, second in 50 back, 14th in 100 back.

13-year-olds: Sharli Brady, 18th in 200 free, 19th in 200 fly, 26th in 400 IM, 28th in 100 fly, 35th in 100 free, 43rd in 50 free, 48th in 200 IM.

14-year-olds: Julia Johnson, 43rd in 200 fly; Max Williamson, seventh in 400 IM, 10th in 200 breast, 23rd in 200 back, 23rd in 1,500 free, 36th in 100 breast, 43rd in 200 IM.

15-year-olds: Cole Garriott, 30th in 1,500 free.

16-year-olds: Mary Bank, 32nd in 50 free; Ellen Williamson, 10th in 200 back, 17th in 100 back, 26th in 100 free, 29th in 400 IM, 43rd in 200 IM.

17-year-olds: Krissie Brandenburg, 13th in 100 back, 33rd in 50 free, 38th in 100 free; Shane Coltharp, eighth in 400 IM, 19th in 200 back, 26th in 1,500 free, 37th in 100 back; Nick Kunkel, 15th in 100 back, 27th in 200 back, 47th in 1500 free. 18-year-olds:

Audrey Lawson, 16th in 200 fly, 43rd in 100 fly.