USA Synchro Announces Partnership with Triflare


Feb. 14, 2014 

USA Synchro Announces Partnership With Triflare
Athletic Apparel Company To Provide Swimsuits For National Teams


INDIANAPOLIS - USA Synchro today announced a sponsorship with Triflare, a St. Louis-based triathlon/athletic apparel company that will provide swimsuits for the U.S. national teams.

"USA Synchro is excited about the establishment of the sponsorship with Triflare," said Kevin Warner, USA Synchro's Chief Operating Officer and Transition Director. "We feel that the uniqueness of the Triflare competitive synchronized swimming suits will be a significant step to our team's success in the future. The possibilities that we now possess make this an extremely valuable endeavor. We are happy to have Triflare part of our team."


Andrea Robertson, Founder and CEO of Triflare, initially conceived of the brand and product after being tired of the performance suits that were available to women. Robertson raced on the triathlon race circuit for 15 years and grew tired of the limited selection of (usually black) suits.


"Kim Mclean (Triflare creative director/lead designer) and I have a very systematic approach to our designs. We love to make statement pieces for women that excite women who are getting ready to race and train. Looking strong and bold can increase passion for the sport," Robertson said.


The contract with the USA Synchronized Swimming team was finalized in early February. Triflare will be producing the suits for the team through 2017.



About USA Synchro

USA Synchro was established as a nonprofit organization in 1977, and is the United States national governing body for the sport, recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur) - the international governing federation. USA Synchro organizes, participates in, and promotes a variety of competitive events each year. These events begin at the local level and continue in the following categories: Age Group (12-19), Junior (15-18), Senior and Masters (20+).




About Triflare

Triflare is a triathlon sportswear brand designed with every level of competitor in mind. Each piece of clothing in the Triflare collection was designed with two thoughts in mind: femininity and power. Designed with the help of a successful and established fashion designer, each piece is flattering on a woman's body and shows those muscled curves that have come from hours of training. These trisuits are not only unique, but they are designed to be comfortable and resilient, making every move in a race efficient. The prints embody the bold goals of a triathlete and capture the pursuit of competition.




USA Synchro is based in Indianapolis and serves as the National Governing Body for the sport of

synchronized swimming, appointed as such by the United States Olympic Committee. It is a membership based and not-for-profit organization which services the sport from the grass roots level to the National

Team. The mission statement of USA Synchro is "to provide leadership and resources for the promotion and growth of synchronized swimming, to achieve competitive excellence at all levels and to develop broad based participation."

Dax Lowery
USA Synchro