Weekly News (Feb 16-22)

Hello Panthers,


Between the play, the musical and now the protestors again…I am really beginning to miss some of you. I look forward to seeing the whole team back in the pool for the last couple weeks of training before Splash.


Upcoming events:


Vendor visits to the pool: Pre-swim meet sales of our training equipment vendors will take place at the 50 m pool on March 4 after school. Be there if you need training/race equipment.


Splash Meet:


Splash Meet is right around the corner, we have the majority of the team signed up and ready to go. Please ensure that your swimmers are at the all ages practice the Friday before the swim meet (March 14). If you remember the Swimfest last work out party, you know that is not to be missed. There will be great team building drills with mixed age group and some great energy snacks for after the workout.


BIS Phuket Meet:


So far the sign up has been a bit slow. We need to get commitment for this meet ASAP. We need to book buses in Phuket. If you are having trouble finding the sign up, it is because you need to click on “more” under the swim meet tab to get to the later meets. So sign up today!

So far we have Khun Bee ready to book people on a group rate with Nok Air. It is important to note that Monday is a holiday, so if many people are staying we can provide busing on the next day also.


Fare Per ticket (Economy Class group fare minimum group 10 Pax) @ 5,300.- Incl. Tax*
DD 7514       02 MAY       DMKHKT     1505     1625

DD 7515       04 MAY       HKTDMK     1700      1820 
*This group fare rate will only guarantee when deposit 1,000 Baht per person had made to hold these seat up. After deposit had made it was Non-Refundable*


The team hotel can be seen at the following link. We are working on a group rate this week.

I have stayed there in the past with teams and I know that 2 other teams are staying in that area. This makes for great opportunities for swimmers to meet other teams at the beach later in the day.


BISAC team selections:


These team selections will be made directly following our splash meet and the competition itself takes place at NIST on March 28-30. Details about the meet will come next week as I am still waiting for them from the NIST Aquatics people.


That is it for now. See you on deck.


Coach Day