Congratulations Age Group State Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have qualified for the

GA 14 & Under Short Course Age Group State Championship meet!  

We wish you the best of luck this coming weekend at Georgia Tech!


Andrade, Luiz Bronze
Wilson, Liam Bronze
Bartolomei, Gabriel Gold
Bogumill, Kylee Gold
Farinacci, Nick Silver
Klekot, Cassidy Gold
Lewis, Claire Bronze
Phinney, Alyson Gold
Ramthun, William Gold
Solomon, Arion Gold
Solomon, Josiah Gold
Watson, Trevor Gold
Blaum, Donna Senior
Dunn III, Tucson Senior
Ennis, Matthew Senior
Schmid, Samantha Senior
How, Summer Silver
Lillie, Nanami Silver
Lucich, Samantha Silver
Pittenger, Tavanh Silver
Presley, Lauren Silver
Pruett, Tyler Silver
Roach, Seth Silver
Tucker, McKenzie Silver
Tucker, Michael Silver
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