Weekly News (Feb 24-March 2)

 Hello panthers,

As with the weather outside, things at the pool are really starting to heat up. From oldest to youngest, everyone is training at their top level right now getting ready for Splash and BISAC. It is especially fun to see the 8 and under swimmers really concentrating on learning their race start procedure. Coach Chris is really on them!


News of the week:

Splash: We are all signed up and ready to go. I will send out an event list next Monday so you can double check what everyone is entered in. It is important to note again that Saturday is the Team competition being swam at the 25 distance and Sunday is an individual day and is being swum LCM (long course meters) or in the 50 m pool. These events are a little longer and sometime too difficult for the younger/newer swimmers. If you have any question about if your swimmer should or shouldn’t swim on Sunday, just ask your coach.


Travel meets: One of the great features of our new webpage is that you can tell your coaches if you are not interested in a travel meet. You just click on the meet and say no. Then we know that there is nobody out there trying to decide. So please do this if you could. Thanks!

BIS Phuket (May 3-4): We are climbing in our numbers, but still about 10-15 away from my earlier goal. We have until March 7 to sign up for this meet. All information is on our webpage. We have added team flight and hotel information to the meet signup area of the website. 

Hong Kong Mantas (May 10-11): Mantas has finally sent us their invitation and we are all ready to go. Sign up information is on the website and we are still waiting for the first family to sign up. We have set March 14th as the deadline to sign up, but hotels will be difficult so I ask that you tell us as soon as possible. We will have team flight and hotel information this week. 

Team Photos are now available: Tuesday to Friday this week we will have all team photos on display and for sale. Just come to the Swim office at the 50 meter pool after school from 2:15 to 3:30.

That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day