Bolles 'Last Chance' Meet Information (Results)

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Bolles Last Chance Meet Information


This meet is relatively quick each day ending prior to 12pm.  There are not any relays at this meet so swimmers are free to leave after their last event (and a thorough warm down!).

Swimmers who achieve a FLAG standard who are not already signed up for FLAGs on the team website are asked to please sign in and declare their intention immediately after the meet on Sunday March 2, 2014. 


Cecil Field Aquatics Center

13611 Normandy Boulevard

Jacksonville, FL 32221


Warm Ups:

Saturday & Sunday – 7:50am



As usual, if your swimmer elects to wear a cap it MUST be a Loggerhead team cap.


Saturday – Navy

Sunday – Green


Tech Suits:

Swimmers that wish to wear a tech suit may elect to do so.


A Few Tips:

·       Swimmers should not wear their tech suit during warm ups.  This will help the lifetime (and speed) of the suit for the future.  Swimmers will be given time to change after warm ups.

·       Swimmers should ALWAYS cover their suit when not racing, ie shorts/shirts while sitting between races.  The coating and fabric of the suit is what makes them repel water.

·       The suit should be wet prior to diving in off the block.  This helps the suit stick to the skin of the swimmer and prevent ‘bubbling’ or creating an air pocket.

·       Do not store the suit in a wet towel or ball it up / wring it out.  Hang dry or lay flat to dry.


Tips for Parents:

A last chance meet is sometimes a very emotional and high-pressure environment for swimmers.  The best advice I have to parents is to be the best support crew to your swimmer as you can be.  Being very even with your emotions, whether they get a cut or don’t, will help your swimmer stay even as well. 


Any questions please feel free to send Coach John an email at [email protected]


See you this weekend!

-The Loggerhead Coaching Staff

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