Coach Kevin's Corner

Recap of Week 3- Lauren and Coach Dave’s upcoming wedding may have proved to be the motivation we needed to swim to our first win of the season over Franklin Knolls and push our arch-nemesis, Flower Valley, to a super close meet ending with in 25 point loss.

Both meets were close, with Saturday’s meet ending with a 6 point win where EVERY point and place counted, it really came down to the last relays. WAY TO GO, TEAM! You were excited and swam fast and it showed!

Here is the proof:

2011 Dolphin Time-Droppin’ Clubs

Week 3:

A-meet vs. Franklin Knolls 7/2

B-meet vs. Flower Valley 7/6


just under a second Club (0.01-0.99)

Lindsey Armstrong- IM

Colleen Berringer- free, fly

Courtney Betts- free, back, IM

Aash Bhardwaj- free

Hedda Boege- IM

Ella Broadwater- free

Elliott Brown- free

Tony Brown- fly

Caitlyn Burkhardt- free, fly

Jamie Byrnes- free, brst

Jordan Byrnes- free

Meghan Callis- free, brst.

Alex Carbonell- back

Heath Cornwell- free

Morgan Cuneo- back

Devon Derrenbacher- back

Stephanie Dileo- back, brst.

Caroline Dorr- back

Zack Eisig- back, fly, IM

Alexis Faccone- free, fly

Patrick Franz- fly

Tommy Greer- free

Brandon Hebert- back

Michael Hess- free

Josh Kiehl- back, IM

Hannah King- back

Alexandra Lattner- free

Mark Lattner- free, brst.

Max Magladry- fly

Spencer Magladry- free

Colin McLaughlin- free, back, IM

Kristen Miller- brst.

Karis Moody- back

Kristen Munyer- brst.

Lauren Munyer- IM

Ben Nye- free

Amanda Obenland- free

Cal Pringle- brst.

Tori Pringle- free

Zack Rettig- free

Jada Roberts- back

Dee Robertson- free

Hayden Sabas- brst.

Abby Sanders- IM

Jenna Schwarzenberg- free, fly

Abby Siever- free

Gregory Smith- back, fly

Lauren Smith- brst, fly

Morgan Thielke- back

Rachel Wilkerson- free, back

Marin Williams- free, brst.

Shaun Yaniga- fly

Eric Zimmerman- back, fly


1-second Club (1.00-1.99)

Lindsey Armstrong- brst.

Owen Beabout- brst, fly

Colleen Berringer- back

Courtney Betts- fly

Aash Bhardwaj- fly

Dev Bhardwaj- brst.

Hedda Boege- free

Ella Broadwater- back

Logan Brooks- fly

Owen Brooks- back

Elliott Brown- brst.

Caitlyn Burkhardt- brst.

Jamie Byrnes- IM

Zack Callis- back

Alex Carbonell- free, fly

Molly Carbonell- back

Casey Derrenbacher- free, fly

Rachel Dileo- brst.

Caroline Dorr- free, brst.

Ashley Dumais- fly

Courtney Dumais- back, fly

Andrew Ellestad- free

Sam Ellestad- brst.

Anne Elliott- brst.

Katie Elliott- free

Caroline Greer- free

John Greer- back

Libby Greer- back

Tommy Greer- back

Connor Hebert- free

Sadie Hebert- free

Kaitlyn Hunter- back

Ivan King- brst.

Mark Lattner- back

YinYin Liao- IM

Spencer Magladry- IM

Emily Mark- free, back, fly

Colin McLaughlin- fly

John McLaughlin- back

Kristen Miller- fly

Soren Moody- back

Lauren Munyer- free

Amanda Obenland- IM

Jack Oliver- back

Cal Pringle- back, IM

Amanda Retherford- back

Zack Rettig- back

Hayden Sabas- back

Daniel Schwarzenberg- free

Nick Seidel- fly

Abby Siever- back, IM

Hannah Siever- back

Gregory Smith- free

Michael Stansell- IM

Zack Suthard- free, IM

Austin Thielke- free, back

Charlie Thompson- free

Rachel Willis- free

Shaun Yaniga- free


2-second Club (2.00-2.99)

Elliott Brown- IM

Tony Brown- brst

Ty Burkhardt- back

Molly Carbonell- free

Morgan Cuneo- fly

Stephanie Dileo- free, IM

Ashley Dumais- free

Andrew Ellestad- back

James Frankauski- free

Kaitlyn Hunter- free

Karlie Jones- back

Hannah King- free

John McLaughlin- free

Kristen Miller- IM

Karis Moody- free

Ben Nye- fly

Hayden Sabas- free

Skylar Sabas- back

Hannah Siever- free

Michael Stansell- brst, fly

Rachel Willis- fly


3-second Club (3.00-3.99)

Dev Bhardwaj- back

Katie Corder- brst.

Morgan Cuneo- free

James Frankauski- back

Libby Greer- free

Brendan Hess- free

Emma Iorio- back

Emily Mark- IM

Claire Miller- IM

Jack Oliver- free

Max Piraino- back

Abby Sanders- brst.

Amy Siever- back

Charlie Thompson- fly


4-second Club (4.00-4.99)

Patrick Bruno- brst.

John McLaughlin- fly

Ethan Ringel- free

Abby Sanders- back

Daniel Schwarzenberg- fly


5-second Club (5.00-5.99)

Colleen Berringer- IM

Lucas Brown- back

Courtney Dumais- IM

Sadie Hebert- fly

Ben Nye- brst.

Jada Roberts- free

Brooke Siever- free

Michael Stansell- free

Morgan Thielke- free


6-second Club (6.00-6.99)

Amanda Retherford- free

Ethan Ringel- back

Sam Scafate- back

Nick Seidel- back

Brooke Siever- back


7-second Club (7.00-7.99)

Sam Ellestad- IM

Caroline Greer- IM

Brooke Siever- brst.

Gregory Smith- brst.


8-second Club (8.00-8.99)

Karlie Jones- brst.


9-second Club (9.00-9.99)


OVER 10-second Club!!! (10.00+)

Michael Hess- fly (16 sec.)

Dev Bhardwaj- free (12 sec.)

Brooke Siever- IM (11 sec.)

Skylar Sabas- free (10 sec.)


(all times based on 2011 top time swum so far this season as a baseline data point)