All Star Watch

The following Individuals and relays have achieved ALL-STAR times this season and are eligible to swim in the All-Star Meet on Sunday, July 31st IF they rank within the top 16 in the county:

Conner Hebert- 8&U free
Carter Sebring- 8&U fly
Caitlyn Burkhardt- 8&U free, brst.
Mark Lattner- 9-10 free, back, fly
Max Magladry - 9-10 free
Stephanie Dileo- 9-10 brst.
Drew Dunathan- 9-10 free, brst, fly
Conner Dunathan- 11-12 free
Marin Williams- 11-12 free
Andrew Femiano- 13-14 free, back, brst., fly, IM
Colin McLaughlin- 13-14 back
Kate Zimmerman- 13-14 free, brst., IM
Josh Kiehl- 15-18 free, back, brst., IM
Hedda Boege- 15-18 free, back, fly
The following Relay Teams either placed FIRST in our Divisional Relay Carnival or had the fastest time for a specific relay at the end of the season; they WILL swim in the All-Star Relay meet on Saturday, July 30th... CONGRATULATIONS!
Boys 8 & under Medley Relay
back- Michael Hess
brst.- Conner Hebert
fly- Carter Sebring
free- Owen Beabout
Girls Freestyle Cresendo Relay
8&U- Caitlyn Burkhardt
11-12- Marin Williams
15-18- Hedda Boege
13-14- Kate Zimmerman
9-10- Drew Dunathan
Boys Graduated Freestyle Relay
9-10- Mark Lattner
11-12- Conner Dunathan
13-14- Andrew Femiano
8&U- Conner Hebert