"On The Fence"


So far, looks like another great turnout for practice this week. Coaches and Swimmers are doing a great job of prepping for time trials on Saturday morning. Speaking of time trials, due to several requests, a representative from Aardvark will be on site to help with questions about swimsuits. Thanks to Barbara Munyer for arranging this additional visit.
If you were at the pool this week, you may have seen or heard some of our new purchases. On Tuesday, with the help of Barbara Munyer and Dave Wilkerson, we were able to test our new sound system. By all accounts, the sound quality was much improved over the old system. I wasn’t able to make practice on Wednesday, but I am told that the new lane ropes have arrived. Not a moment too soon. Coach Kevin pointed out how the existing lane ropes are literally falling apart each time we wind them in and out. If all goes well, we hope to have the new lane ropes in place for time trials.
New or returning parents, feel free to stop by and ask me questions you might have about the swim team. I might not have the answer but I can usually point you to someone that does. You know where to find me, “on the fence”.