Coach Kevin's Corner

CONGRATULATIONS Dolphins! You may be wondering... Why a congratulations if we didn’t win our meets against Flower Valley and Germantown? Well, coming from my perspective... winning is great (don’t get me wrong), it shows that our team as a whole is better then the competition, but it is NOT the only standard I hold you to. What I am most proud of is your effort and attitude... you don’t give up... you aren’t intimidated by the competitor next to you who may be seeded faster then you. You welcome the challenge and believe that the person may bring out the best in you so you can achieve your personal best time.

First, our B-meet last Wednesday night, was a HUGE success! We endured the heat and sprinting toward our finishes, capitalizing on the great competition provided by the Flower Valley Frogs; we posted an UNBELIEVABLE 143 best times posted out of 197 swims (73% of our swims!). Then on Saturday, a FANTASTIC effort in the loss to the Germantown Torpedoes, we had tremendous swims… once again, I kept the stats… 82 best times were swum on Saturday out of 160 total swims! Just more than half of our swims were best times!

Keep up the GREAT effort Dolphins… I am SO proud of you!

ON SPECIAL NOTE: Saturday, at half time of the meet, we recognized one of our Graduating Seniors- Alex Pfister. When many of you read this, he and his family will have already traveled to the United States Military Academy at West Point (New York), where Alex will begin his duty as a cadet in the United States Army. He plans on studying engineering while serving our country. He will be a member of the Black Knights (Division I) Soccer Team and developing his skills to be a military helicopter pilot.

Alex, I know the entire Damascus Dolphin community joins me in wishing you the very best in ALL your future endeavors... Thank you for your efforts and commitment to our team the last 12 years and for your service to our country.