Five more Dolphin Records at Regency Estates

More Dolphins Record Breakers- We take our mark... they left their mark!

Regency Estates Pool Records:

Girls 8 & Under 25M Breaststroke- Drew Dunathan 23.75 (old record 24.03)

Girls 11-12 100M IM- Kate Zimmerman 1:16.82 (old record 1:17.70, dated back in 1977!)

Girls 11-12 50M Breaststroke- Kate Zimmerman 39.50 (old record 40.01, dated back in 1973!)

Girls 15-18 100M Breaststroke- Sarah VanDoren 1:15.90 (old record 1:18.20)

Girls Graduated Freestyle Relay- Marin Williams, Kate Zimmerman, Hedda Boege, Drew Dunathan 1:53.78 (old record 1:56.73) AND Girls, you beat the Damascus Boys Relay! They went 1:54.34… Did I hear we should race?