Senior Champ Recap

This past weekend the WHAT Swimming National Prep and National training groups participated in the 2014 Connecticut Swimming Senior Open Championship.  This is the highest level meet in Connecticut  a swimmer can qualify for during the championship season.  Over 1,100 athletes and 35 teams, throughout the New England Region converged on Wesleyan University for this four day meet.

WHAT Swimming rose to the challenge placing 12th in the women's division and 13th in men's division. They were the highest placing team in the Farmington Valley Region.  WHAT swimmers recorded 8 team records, 14 Top 25 finishes, 59 lifetime best swims and 8 additional SPEEDO Championship Sectional qualification times.

WHAT swimmers recording best times and individual team records were: Clara Capone (team record); Jordan Gabbidon; Christina Guertin; Kimberly Hylan; Adam Liu; Hayley McClure; Quinn Mitchell; Joseph Perks; John Rinald (2 team records); Danielle Rocheleau; Celeste Salopek; Harrison Saperstein; Max Vitkin (team record).

WHAT swimmers re-setting relay records and qualifying for the SPEEDO Championship Sectional meet were: Tara Tiernan (200 free, 200 medley; 400 free; 400 medley, 800 free ); Celeste Salopek (200 free, 200 medley, 400 free; 400 medley, 800 free ); Danielle Rocheleau (200 free, 200 medley, 400 free; 400 medley, 800 free); Clara Capone (200 free, 200 medley, 400 free; 400 medley, 800 free ) and Hayley McClure (400 medley).