Weekly News (March 10 - 16)

Hello Panthers,


We are only days away from our biggest meet of the year and as I said before, there is no way that Championship trophy is heading out of town. We have all been working really hard and it is time to show it.


Important notes for Splash Meet:


*Friday all age practice: Please be at the pool right after school at 2:15. Snacks to follow. Let’s start the weekend off right with high-spirited practice.


*Saturday/Sunday Warm Up Times: 6:40 both mornings. Please be at the pool by 6:30 and then go to your coach in your age-group assigned lane.


*Team Uniforms to be worn. Our yellow team shirts and black shorts are to be worn when not swimming. This is our uniform and makes us look like a team.


*Healthy Swim Smart snacks only to the meet please. No candies, cookies, chips and soda pop. These make us swim poorly and we have trained to hard for that.


*ES swimmers please bring your “lap it up” t-shirts; the green bin will be upstairs.


*Saturday and Sunday program is attached to this email. Please take note of your swimmers heat and lane number. They will need to know this on the day of the meet. We will write these numbers on the swimmers arm or leg the day of the meet with a sharpie marker. Feel free to do on your own Friday night!


*Last but certainly not least, have fun, have fun and then have more fun. That is what swim meets are all about. Let’s go out and make some memories.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.


See you on deck,


Coach Day