Check out the photo gallery at Kedron

Please take a moment next time you’re at the pool to check out the new bulletin boards!  A huge thanks goes out to Pam Asuncion (AJ’s mom) and Leticia Andrade (Felipe’s mom) for taking the time to create such a beautiful layout! 

I would also like to introduce Leticia to the team as she is starting a photography business.  I am a bit biased, but I found her work captivating!  Of course, I am biased as I love all the subjects she chose to capture.  I think you will too, if you visit the gallery of her work on the boards.  She has offered to display the 11 x 14 UV Protected Matte images on our walls.  All prints are available for purchase for $22 through Leticia directly.

She will be photographing our St. Patrick’s Day meet as well as the Southwest Divisionals and hopefully additional candids on deck at Kedron!   If you would like one of your swimmer, don’t hesitate to contact her individually.   Leticia Andrade 470-255-0095


In the meantime, take a moment to walk through the lobby at Kedron J

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