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To all New England Swimming Members,

At the House of Delegates meeting on May 3rd, there will be elections for several Board of Directors positions.  The Nominating Committee is currently taking nominations for these positions to be considered for the slate at the meeting.  The deadline to be considered for the slate is Friday, April 4th. All nominees will be contacted and confirmed by the nominating committee before being included on the slate. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the House of Delegates meeting, by any member of the House of Delegates eligible to vote, but their names will not be considered for the slate ahead of time.

Before making a nomination please read the job description linked to each position, and read the NE Swimming bylaws, especially the sections regarding the Board of Directors (starting on page 12 of the NES By laws posted at

Positions up for re-election at the May 2014 meeting:

-General Chair

-Admin Vice Chair

-Finance Vice Chair


-Senior Chair

-Board of Review: (3 regular positions, 3 alternates)

-Nominating Committee (5 members total, one of which must be an athlete, no more than 2 BOD members)

If you would like to nominate anyone (including yourself) for one of the Board of Directors positions that will be open please email Jamie Bloom at with the following information no later than Friday, April 4th, 2014:

  • Your Name.
  • Your Contact information (telephone # and email address).
  • Name of person that you are nominating.
  • The position that you are nominating the person for.
  • Contact information of the person Nominated (telephone # and/or email address).
  • Short comment or reason why you think the person will qualify

All nominations will receive a response from the Nominating Committee.  If you do not, please re-send your email.

All NES BOD and Committee Chairs are reminded that in order to serve as a member of the NES Board of Directors / Committee Member, they must be in good standing with USA Swimming, up to date on all credentials, APT and Background Screening.  Additionally, everyone will be required to complete a conflict of interest statement upon election or appointment.   

From the NE Swimming By Laws

606.3 ELIGIBILITY — Only Individual Members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office and must maintain their eligibility throughout their term of office.

Thank You,

New England Swimming Nominating Committee:

Jamie Bloom (Chair), Matt Craven, Laura Matuszak, Ryan Yucka, Sarah Bartholomae, Chris Downing