DCST Achieves Team's Highest Ranking in the Virtual YMCA National Swim Meet

DCST Achieves Team’s Highest Ranking in the Virtual YMCA National Swim Meet

            Way back on Saturday, October 19, DCST’s dual meet against Illinois Valley was part of the YMCA of the USA’s Virtual YMCA National Swim Meet.  Teams across the nation competed in a meet between October 12 and October 20.  The results of these meets were all combined to have a Virtual National YMCA Swim Meet.  DCST achieved it highest ranking in the Female and Combined Scoring in the four history of this meet.  Listed below is how DCST ranked nationally:

Females ages 10 & Under:  18th Place
Females ages 11 - 12:  3rd place
Males ages 11 - 12:  18th place
Males ages 13 – 14: 15th place
Males ages 15 and older:  5th place

Females all ages:  13th place
Males all ages: 11th place

Combined females and males all ages:  9th place