Mako New Update - 3/25/2014

Team Records

Congratulations to our swimmers who set team records this month!

Angelina Sagaow- 25 Fly 16.26 & 50 Fly 36.80
11-12 yr olds
Lexi Cuomo- 50 Back 28.28, 100 Fly 59.09 & 200 Fly 2:15.59
Peter Makin- 50 Free 24.55
13-14 yr olds
Marcelo Coray- 500 Free 4:58.38 & 1,000 Free 10:24.87
Maggie Deppe-Walker- 200 Breast 2:27.86
Gabriella Kuehhas- 1,650 Free 18:44.09
15-16 yr olds
Noah Carpenter- 400 IM 4:18.14
Matt Jones- 100 Back 51.04 & 200 Back 1:50.15
Miles Oakley- 50 Breast 26.22 & 100 Breast 59.34

Meet Results

14&Under Junior Olympics-Top 16 Finalists - Scorers

9-10 yr olds
Kevin Carchia- 500 Free- 16th
Justin Singletary- 50 Back 4th, 100 Back 7th, 100 Free 14th & 50 Fly 15th
Katherine Helms, Sidoni Erickson, Allyson Lerke & Ava Jones- 200 Free Relay 16th
Justin Singletary, Michael Zhang, Graham Evers & Kevin Carchia- 200 Free Relay 11th
Kevin Carchia, Michael Zhang, Justin Singletary & Kai Taft- 200 Medley Relay 11th
11-12 yr olds
Lexi Cuomo- 50 Fly, 100 Fly & 50 Back 2nd, 200 Fly 3rd, 50 Free 5th, 100 Free 11th
Emily Drakopoulos- 50 Free 8th
Anthony Grimm- 50 Fly 5th, 50 Back 10th, 50 Breast 12th, 50 Free & 100 IM 14th, 100 Fly 15th
Allison Hickey- 50 Free 16th
Peter Makin- 50 Free 3rd, 100 Free 4th, 50 Back & 100 IM 9th, 50 Fly 14th
Lexi Cuomo, Allison Hickey, Faith Alston & Emily Drakopoulos- 200 Freestyle Relay 3rd, 200 Medley Relay & 400 Free Relay 9th
Jessica Dickinson, Faith Alston, Emily Drakopoulos & Allison Hickey- 400 Medley Relay 15th
Alexandra Martschenko, Lauren Royce, Eleanor Monnig & Jessica Dickinson- 200 Freestyle Relay 16th
Peter Makin, Kent Codding, Alex Aung & Anthony Grimm- 200 Freestyle Relay 7th & 400 Free Relay 8th
Peter Makin, Elias Griffin, Anthony Grimm & Alex Aung- 200 & 400 Medley Relays 9th
13-14 yr olds
Kyle Cassidy- 100 Breast 16th
Marcelo Coray- 200 Free 9th, 500 Free 11th & 200 Free 14th
Maggie Deppe-Walker- 200 Breast 5th & 100 Breast 10th
Fletcher Madsen- 400 IM 13th
Elena Summers- 100 Free 7th
Gabby Kuehhas, Maggie Deppe-Walker,  Elena Summers & Lauren Young- 200 Free Relay 8th & 400 Free Relay 9th
Elena Summers, Maggie Deppe-Walker, Marybeth Myers & Lauren Young- 200 Medley Relay-10th
Julia Young, Gillian Goodiel, Helen Geddes & Gabby Kuehhas- 200 Medley Relay-11th
Julia Young, Elena Summers, Helen Geddes & Lauren Young- 400 Medley Relay-16th
Kyle Cassidy, Peter Jones,  Fletcher Madsen & Marcelo Coray- 200 Free Relay 8th
Kyle Cassidy, Ian Vollmer, Andrew Yang & Marcelo Coray- 400 Free Relay-11th
Ian Vollmer, Kyle Cassidy, Marcelo Coray & Peter Jones- 200 Medley Relay-14th
Marcelo Coray, Kyle Cassidy, Fletcher Madsen & Ian Vollmer- 400 Medley Relay-14th

NCSA Junior National Championships

Matt Jones- swam best all times, placed 29th in the 200 Free, and set 2 team records in the 100 & 200 Back.
Miles Oakley- swam best times, placed 21st in the 50 Breast, and set 2 team records in the 50 & 100 Breast.
Anna Ober- swam a personal best in 50 & 100 Fly, and 50 Back.

MAKO Spring Invitational

Shark Award Standings from MAKO

1st- Kevin Burns, 3rd- Hannah Charters & Carter Kim, 4th- Matthew Murphy, 5th- Sean Donovan, 6th- Kitty Moy-Jacobs, 7th- Cassandra Kim, 9th- Lauren Katz & 10th- Ava Rice
9-10 yr olds
2nd- Ashton Krstolic, 6th- Kate Geiszler, 8th- Jake Witte, 9th- George Codding, 11th- Olivia Vedder, 13th- Abbey Parker, 14th- Claire Scadron & 16th- Kate Mason
11-12 yr olds
5th- Joe Wong, 8th- Lindsey MacDonald, 16th-GiGi Pham-Ton & 19th- Casey Slaterbeck
13-14 yr olds
3rd- Sophia Rice & 5th- Kenta Deegan
1st-Jet Pham-Ton & 2nd-Michael Lee

Event Winners

Kevin Burns- 8&Under 25 Back
Sidoni Erickson- 10&Under 100 IM
Grace Gartman- 13&Over 100 Free &100 Fly
Gillian Goodiel- 13&Over 100 Breast
Isabella Manzione- 11-12 yr old 50 Breast & 100 Breast
Richard Myers- 11-12 yr old 100 Back
Jet Pham-Ton- 13&Over 100 Back & 100 Breast

Top 16 Finishes

8 & Under
Wilson Beima, Will Breslin, Kevin Burns, Elaine Campbell, Hannah Charters, Mackenzie Craig, Jacqueline Dobrydney,  Jaime Ellenberger, Sean Donovan, Lauren Katz, Carter Kim, Cassandra Kim, Alice Lind, Brendan MacMichael, Cash McDade, Riley Miller, Matthew Murphy, Spera Moy-Jacobs, Andrew Nguyen, Lauren Radcliffe, Ava Rice,Angelina Sagaow, Grant Shafer, Hannah Wakefield, Tyler Whitacre & Olivia Williams
Cameron Arnz, Luke Baird, Evan Barnard, Ethan Birkholz, Jessica Boalick, Alexis Burns, Tripp Crowe, Aidan Do, Christopher Dobrydney, Kendyl Ellenberger, Sidoni Erickson, Graham Evers, Matthew Hartshorn, Edward Ice, Claire Kathman, Ashton Krstolic, Sophia Krstolic, Paul Kruthoff, Tori Layton, Allyson Lerke, Catherine Lim, Alexandra Maahs, Evan Parrott, Iris Richards, Aleigha Scherber & Kai Taft
Pierce Beima, Caitlin Birkholz, Zachary Bowers, Justin Brady, Tyler Brocato, Luca Byrnes, Jessica Dickinson, Sophia Hartshorn, William Hughes, Madeline Ice, Rylie Kiefaber, Pete Kikis, Jackson Knouse, Isabella Manzione, Alexandra Martschenko, Richard Myers, Eleanor Monnig, Sara Radcliffe, Jakob Robinette, Lauren Royce, Aaron Walker & Joe Wong
13 & Over
Victoria Aung, Phillip Beima, Grace Gartman, Gillian Goodiel, Andrew Hale, Audrey Hunter,  Sam Jackmore, Natalia Joslyn, Michael Lee, Marybeth Myers, Mia Oppler, Jet Pham-Ton, Katie Pontzer, Jamie Quinn, Logan Ross, Caylan Roy & Andrew Yang

Upcoming Championship Meets

2014 PVS Eastern Zone Championships, March 27-29 @ Fairport, NY

Congratulations and Good Luck to Peter Makin!
Peter will be competing in the 50 Freestyle at the Eastern Zone Short Course Championships.

NASA Showcase Classic, April 16-19  @ Clearwater, FL

Congratulations our 18 swimmers who have qualified for the 14&under single-aged travel meet!

Faith Alston, Kyle Cassidy, Marcelo Coray, Lexi Cuomo, Maggie Deppe Walker, Anthony Grimm, Katherine Helms, Allison Hickey, Audrey Hunter, Gabby Kuehhas, Fletcher Madsen, Peter Makin, Eleanor Monnig, Justin Singletary, Elena Summers, Ian Vollmer, Julia Young & Lauren Young

The 9, 11, and 13 yr olds had to achieve AA time standards, and the 10, 12 and 14 yr olds had to achieve AAA time standards to qualify for this meet.