Weekly News (March 31- April 6)


Good morning Panthers,

What a big weekend of swimming! BISAC swimmers traveled all 3 days this weekend to NIST where they swam their hearts out against the best International Schools in Bangkok. For the Juniors, we had a neck and neck battle with Shrewsbury for the bronze medal and we came up just short on the last couple relays and had to settle for 4th place. On the Senior side, it was also an all day battle between the top 3 teams. ISB, Patana and NIST traded turns in first place all day long and in the end it came down to the last relays, with Patana narrowly pulling out the over all Senior win, ISB second and NIST third.

Well done swimmers, now let’s get back in the pool and start getting ready for next year!


Important News:

Team Photos are ready:

You will find the team photos you ordered in your awards file outside my office. Remember that these are just for the people who put in orders and paid for them.

Long Distance Intra-squad Time Trials (11 and over):

During our practice time on Friday April 25th we will do a team time trial for the following events 400 free, 400 IM, 200 (every stroke). We would like all swimmers (11 and over) to choose one 400 distance and one 200 distance.

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Upcoming Thai Holidays (no swimming)

Chakri Day: Monday April 7th

Songkran Week: April 14-20th


Girl Talk Period:

· Date - Wednesday 30th April, 18:00 - 19:30, in MPB 1+2

· Presenters - Louise Saddington and Kristin Simpson have kindly agreed to present the evening.  Kristin will take care of the physical development part of the presentation, Louise will take care of the nutrition part of the presentation.  Social and emotional well being will be a common thread running throughout.

· Sponsorship - The PTA has agreed to sponsor the evening.  Thanks very much indeed!  Sponsorship will include funding the workshop, sourcing sanitary products, and if needed soliciting parent volunteers to help with the making of nutritional snacks for girls to sample.

· Audience - We will offer the presentation for girls in grade 4 and above.  Girls should be accompanied by a parent.

· Purpose - The purpose of this presentation was originally to let girls who were in the swim team know about how swimming with a period is possible.  Last year it was extended to all girls and broadened to include the nutritional piece.  As such, the purpose this year is "to support ISB's mainstream health curriculum on Human Growth and Development and extend it to younger girls."


Upcoming Meets:  Pentathlon Meet May 17

This is a tri- meet between the following three teams: Patana, ANS and ISB

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That is it for the this week, see you on deck!

Coach Day