Happy Spring, Lake Sharks! We’re very excited to have some new additions and as well as bring back the originals from last year. Don’t forget to mail in your deposit and application. We’ll also be available in person here at the office for the meet greet on April 26th.

I also wanted to write to you today to give you a few updates on our progress heading into Summer 2014. Here are the topics that I’ll be covering:

  1. Department Manager Jobs: What are their responsibilities and how you become one.
  2. New Coaching additions: Bill Albertson and Jessica Shannon
  3. Tentative Schedule: League votes on final schedule April 11th.
  4. Future business: Need for more stroke and turn officials, meet and greet w/ coaches, preseason event.


1. Department Managers:

In an effort to get more parents officially involved, we are offering a $40 credit to certified officials and department managers. To become a department manager or official, please email me at [email protected].

Here is a list of our departments and their managing responsibilities:

Seek and Deploy: 
Responsible for organizing the effort to notify and line up swimmers in their designated lanes for their events. For each swim meet they will need to recruit 3 “Seek and Deployees” (1 per lane) as well as have someone to work the race card distribution table. 

Ideally this person knows the team well and is recognizable to the swimmers.

Head Timer:
Responsible for recruiting and training timers for the meets. For home meets, the Head Timer will need at least 12 timers and for away meets will need 6 timers. Head Timer is also responsible for the distribution and storage of timing clipboards and stopwatches.


Responsible for keeping score at the meets and recruiting the Order of Finish Observer and Assistant Score Keeper. The Order of Finish Observer is responsible for recording which lanes finish 1-6.  The Assistant Score Keeper organizes and marks the time cards by order of finish along with the order of finish card.


Responsible for recording ribbon information, recruiting 1-2 runners for home meets and an assistant ribbon writer for home and away meets, and maintaining and organizing the ribbon box. The assistant helps organize the time cards as they come to the ribbon table and the runner is responsible for collecting time cards from each lane along with the two order of finish sheets.


Is responsible for helping organize concessions for home meets and FUNctions.

Coordinates with families to find donations for desserts, baked goods, and fruit for meets and FUNctions. Works with Kandles to set up, maintain, and break down snack bar table or FUNction decorations.


2.New Assistant Coaches:

Bill Albertson

Coach Albertson has been the head swim coach of Washington Township Highschool since 2000 and in 2011 was named "Gloucester County Times Swim Coach of the Year."
Aside from coaching High School, Coach Albertson has also been a head coach in both Tri County and Suburban and is an instructor for winter and spring swim clinics.
We’re extremely excited to have Coach Albertson onboard as another proven stroke technician and a talent evaluator.

Jessica Shannon
Many of you know Jess as our team captain and intern coach from last season. Along with setting most of our 15 and older records, Jess also helped instruct our younger swim groups.
Jessica is currently swimming for Drew University and this year will look to take on new responsibilities as a full time assistant.
Fun Fact: In Jessica’s swimming career, she has been coached by all three other coaches on staff at one point or another.

3. Tentative Swim Meet Schedule:
This schedule will not be confirmed until April 11th and is subject to change.
Sat. June 14th: Home Meet vs Hammonton
Sat. June 21st: BYE (likely scrimmage vs Haddon Twp)
Sat. June 28th: AWAY @ Collingswood
WEDS. July 9th:  AWAY @ Tarnsfield (night)
Sat. July 12th: HOME Elmer
Sat. July 19th: HOME Gloucester
Tues. July 22nd: PEACHBOWL
Sat. July 26th: AWAY Peachwood
CHAMPIONSHIPS Sat August 2nd and Sunday August 3rd

4.Future Business: We'll have more information regarding these topics in the next update.

Stroke and Turn Officials

We’re going to need to continue to train/ add stroke and turn officials. Its a great opportunity to be close to the action and save money. The league is still working on setting dates/ locations for training.
Don’t be intimidated. The majority of our stroke and turn officials from last season had little to no experience with swimming.

Meet and Greet with Coaches
April 26th here at the office from 9am-1pm. Use this as an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming year and try on suits.

Possible Preseason Events
I’m working toward having some kind of Lake Shark spirit day or activity. It’s been a long long winter and we need to start getting excited about this summer. Maybe mother nature will take the hint and warm up to it too.

Thanks for reading everyone and as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please email me at [email protected].

Jace Kandle