AG State Report & RESULTS


THURSDAY AND FRIDAYS SWASHBUCKLING RESULTS!                                                                                       

We have started the 2009 Long Course State Championships with PIRACY ON THE HIGH SEAS! That’s right Stingrays, were are storming the ships of other teams and racing our way to some incredible victories!

Jimmy Yoder and Tyler Harper won the 1500m FR on Thursday night and their exciting races have set the tone for more races to conquer. Also swimming fast were Scott Berry and Rebecca Postoll who took 9th, Katherine Glover 15th, Jenni Ciesielski 16th, and Belle Barry taking 18th.

Those stellar swims shot us into Friday morning where our 11-12 Girls A Relay Team (Postoll, Garrigan, Barry, Martin) won the 200 FR Relay and our B Team raced to 13th place! Our 13-14 Girls took 6th and 16th, our 13-14 Boys grabbed 6th and 11th and our 11-12 Boys snuck in at 9th.

FRIDAY NIGHT FINALS saw some more energy and speed with Jimmy Yoder leading the way in the 100 Fly (winning it and getting the automatic Zone spot!) and the 200 Fr (UNDER 2:00!) in one of the most exciting races seen at AG State so far...getting out-touched by (drum roll please) 0:00.01. WOW! Tyler Harper moved into 4th place with his 200 FR and Rebecca Postoll nabbed 7th place. Our 100 Breaststrokes were led by Ashley Montag who touched the wall in 8th place. Colleen Garrigan raced to 8th place in the 50 Fly. Our 11-12 200 Backstrokes were as strong as ever with Rebecca Postoll taking 5th place, Tyler Harper taking 9th and Colleen Garrigan slipping in at 10th. We needed to finish the night strong with the 400 IM...and we did! Tyler Harper raced his way to 5th place and remindedeveryone that the race is not over until you touch the wall. :) Ashley Montag and Scott Berry both took 10th place, rounding out our evening of individual events.

Finally, our 800 FR Relays, that always challenge the best swimmers at the end of a days swimming, grabbed 3rd and 9th for our 14 & Under Boys, while the 14 & Under Girls took 7th and 11th.



What a day! Get your eyepatch on...your unshaven face...treasure map and musket, Stingrays! It’s time to plunder and pillage! We did tonight.

The 100 Butterfly was a show of speed and best times: Colleen Garrigan wins the Consolation Final with Belle Barry grabbing a close 15th. Tyler harper then went under 1:10 to get 5th place a heat later, followed immediately by Andy Strausberger getting 19th. Jimmy Yoder stormed to first place in the 200 Fly getting ever closer to that 2:10 mark with a 2:12.43. Stephen Taylor and Nathan Burwick brought home 17th and 20th in the same event.

The 11-12 100 Free was fast with Rebecca Postoll (5th), Camille Martin (8th), Colleen Garrigan (9th) and Belle Barry (12th) leading the way. (Those 4 girls would later WIN the 400 FR Relay!) Tiger Harper continued his tear with an 8th place in the 100 Fr.

Jordan Drake broke through the :28.00 barrier by going :27.90 to get 5th in the 50 Fr while Scott Berry got 13th in the same. Our 200 Breatstrokes were paced by Ashley Montag (8th), Gabriel Bellott-McGrath (9th) and Cass Resnick (10th). Colleen Garrigan grabbed 2nd in the 50 BK holding off a charging field followed by Becca Postoll who took 9th and Camille Martin, 14th.

The 100 Backstroke was led by Jimmy Yoder (2nd), Scott Berry (6th) and Jordan Drake (8th) who set the tone for the final races. Less than 20 minutes after his 100 BK Jimmy and Scott had to stand back up and swim the 400 FR. Tough race...but we were tougher. Jimmy won the race in a blazing 4:13 and Scott grabbed 15th. Tyler Harper (4th), Becca Postoll (11th), Belle Barry (14th), Jenni Ciesielski (15th), Katherine Glover (18th) and Ashley Montag (19th) brought home the 400 FR and got us all psyched for the 400 FR Relays.

11-12 GIRLS: 1st (Colleen Garrigan, Becca Postoll, Belle Barry, Camille Martin) and 10th!

13-14 GIRLS: 6th and 14th

13-14 BOYS: 5th and 8th



The 2009 Long Course Age Group State Championships ended with a resounding..."Aaaargh!"

For those of you not attendance the coaches and swimmers completed their 4 day competition with a Pirate theme that led them to a 5th place team finish overall.

Some highlights from Sunday’s competition...

11-12 Girls 800 Free: 10th-Becca Postoll, 11th-Belle Barry, 13th-Jenny Ciesielski, 14th-Katherine Glover

11-12 Boys 800 Free: 4th-Tyler Harper

13-14 Girls 800 Free: 10th-Melissa Postoll, 16th-Kelly Price

13-14 Boys 800 Free: 1st-Jimmy Yoder, 11th-Scott Berry

11-12 Girls 200 Fly: 6th-Jenny Ciesielski, 7th-Belle Barry, 12th-Colleen garrigan, 18th-Katherine Glover

11-12 Boys 200 Fly: 3rd-Tyler Harper

13-14 girls 100 Free: 9th-Jordan Drake

13-14 Boys 100 Free: 4th-Jimmy Yoder, 15th-Scott Berry

11-12 Girls 50 Free: 6th-Becca Postoll, 11th-Camille Martin

13-14 Girls 200 Back: 13th-Jordan Drake, 16th-Melissa Postoll

13-14 Boys 200 Back: 4th-Jimmy Yoder, 7th-Scott Berry 

11-12 Girls 100 Back: 5th-Colleen Garrigan, 11th-Rebecca Postoll, 15th-Camille Martin, 17th-Belle Barry

11-12 Boys 100 Back: 20th-Andy Strausberger

13-14 Girl 200 IM: 14th-Ashley Montag

11-12 Girls 200 IM: 15th-Colleen Garrigan

11-12 Boys 200 IM: 6th-Tyler Harper

Congratulations to all 38 swimmers in attendance and Good Luck to the more than 40 swimmers attending next weekend’s Senior State Championships in Athens! Congratulations to Jimmy Yoder and Tyler "Tiger" Harper for earning a spot on the GA Zone team and additional kudos to Jimmy for taking the High Point award for 13-14 year old Boys!!!