Open Water Swimming Events in the Americas
Report from UANA Open Water Swimming Technical Chair Denny Ryther
GREAT NEWS: We have signed a contract and have the approval of the UANA Executive to distribute the Summons of the 3rd UANA Pan American Open Water Championship
The event is scheduled for October 22-26, 2014 on Grand Cayman Island.  It will consist of a 5K junior and senior, a 5K team pursuit junior and senior and a 10K junior and senior race. Cayman's Technical Director Bailey Weathers and new CIASA President Michael Lockwood were extremely helpful and willing to host the first UANA OWS event in more than ten years.

I will be conducting a FINA open water coaches clinic in the Turks and Caicos Islands May 22-26, 2014.
I attended the meeting of the UANA Executive & Technical Chairs on April 14 & 15th at the offices of the Organizing Committee of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

I participated in a site visit of the Open Water Swimming venue for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games on April 15-16 meeting with competition manager Nick Snow.  Nick also attended the Open Water Festival in Fort Myers, Florida on April 10-11.
The tentative dates for Open Water Swimming at the Pan American Games are July 11th & 12th in Toronto.  More information is found at this link:
Things are progressing well and I believe they are ahead of schedule for next summer's Open Water Swimming Events at the Pan American Games .  I visited the new aquatic venues for Water Polo and Swimming which will open this summer as well as Ontario Place West Channel where Open Water Swimming events will be held.  I have learned that the estimated travel time from the Athletes Village is 11 minutes, and only as long as 15 minutes during peak travel times.
I met with Toronto 2015 people representing logistics, transportation, awards, equipment, athlete’s village, officials, safety, security, timing system, competition and uniforming.  They have requested I return in early October for a second visit.

I have been invited to attend the Flowers mile, 5K and 10K races in the Cayman in June.
February 1 FINA 10K Series. Viedma, Argentina 10K
February 2 FINA Open Water Grand Prix. Santa Fe-Coronda, Argentina 57K
February 9 FINA Open Water Grand Prix. Hernandarias-Parana, Argentina 88K

March 29 FINA Open Water Grand Prix.  Manzanillo, Mexico 15K
       CONSANAT Series Piura, Peru 10K

April 5  FINA 10K Series, Cancun, Mexico 10K
April 11-13  Ft. Myers Open Water Festival, Ft. Myers, Florida 10K
April 5  FINA 10K Series, Manzanillo, Mexico 10K
April 11-13  Ft. Myers Open Water Festival, Ft. Myers, Florida (10K)

June 14-16 Flowers Mile and 5K/10K Grand Cayman

July 5 “Race for the Conch” Turks and Caicos Islands (1/2 Mile, 2.4 mile)
July 15 CONSANAT Series Isla Margarita, Venezuela 10K
July 20-26 FINA World Championships, Barcelona, Spain 5K/10K/25K
July 24  FINA 10K Series. Lake St. Jean, Canada 10K
July 26  FINA Open Water grand Prix. Lac St. Jean, Canada 32K

August 3 FINA Open Water Grand Prix. Lake Magog, Canada 34K
August 11 FINA 10K Series. Lake Megantic, Canada 10K

Sept. 6  CONSANAT Series Tarija, Bolivia 10K
Sept. 23-30 Pan American Olympic Festival  5k/10K
Sept. 27 CONSANAT Series Cartagena, Columbia 10K

Oct. 22-26 3rd UANA Pan American Open Water Championships 5K/5K Team Pursuit/10K
Oct. 25  CONSANAT Series Buenos Aries, Argentina 10K

Nov. 8  Pirates 5K, Grand Cayman
Open Water Swimming at the Pan American Games
July 11th & 12th in Toronto, Canada (tentative dates)
Denny Ryther – Chair
UANA Open Water Technical Committee
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Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas 78015
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