Mixed Bag Design Fundraiser

Hi Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team Sellers and Parents!

Last year the team raised over $2,200 with our Mixed Bag Design Fundraiser! Help us meet our goal of $2,500 this year! These bags are a GREAT product and you will enjoy using year after year!

FAST is a 501c3 non-profit organization that depends on fundraising to keep our costs low. In addition to the prizes Mized Bag Designs is offering, there will be a swim equipment related gift or a $50 gift card for the swimmer with the most sales - last years winner received a personalized Speedo swim bag. 

If you have not met your fundraising requirements for the winter season, or would like to get them out of the way for the summer season, participating in this fundraiser is a great way to do it! 

There are two ways to sell:

1. Pick up your catalog filed under your name in the file box at the pool and take orders and sell directly. All monies should be collected at the time of the order, and checks should be payable to FAST. Orders are Due Friday, May 9th, and the products will be delivered before the end of May. The team will receive 50% of all orders placed this way.
2. Copy and paste the information below and send to all of your out of town family and friends. They will place their order directly with Mixed Bag Designs (make sure they use our fundraiser ID# 71494 and swimmer's full name), and the order will be delivered to their home. The team will receive 40% of each on-line sale. 

Hi Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team Friends and Family!

Ready to do some guilt-free shopping for a great cause? We need your help! Mixed Bag Designs is helping Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team reach our fundraising goals this year!

Anyone can support us - all they have to do is click here to shop at and use our ID# 71494 to give us 40% of the purchase!

Mixed Bag Designs has tons of products for everyone in the family including reusable grocery bags, travel totes, shopping bags and more! Go to the and start shopping! Every purchase helps us! Forward this email on to your friends and family too, we need all the help we can get and the more the merrier!

Mixed Bag Designs Online Fundraising