Line Creek Hike - Thurs 4/24 @ 4:30 pm Bronze & Silver team members invited!


We will have a team hike at Line Creek Nature Center this Thursday, 4/24 at 4:30 pm for our Bronze and Silver Team members.  

We will NOT have a scheduled practice at Kedron on Thursday for Bronze or Silver.

We encourage as many parents to participate in the hike. Coach David, Wendy, Suzy and Denise will be joining the kids, but they do spread out and have portions of the hike where they are unsupervised.  We have completed this hike two other times with no incidents, but the kids are walking along the water's edge throughout and often get pretty dirty shoes and clothing; sometimes a bit wet also!

We typically keep one adult located at the beginning of the hike on a golf cart so as the kids finish they are not waiting unsupervised.  We also keep our cell phones on, but sometimes the coverage is not great.

We have had a great time in the past and hope you all can make it!  

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