SCAT raises $1900 to fight cancer!


Congratulations to the following swimmers for raising money and participating in the Open Water Swim Event for Swim Across America!  SCAT raised $1900 to aid in cancer curing research.  We had parents, siblings and grandparents come out to cheer our swimmers from the shore!  Olympians were on hand to offer encouraging words and congratulate the swimmers on their finishes!  SCAT joined Dynamo, Swim Atlanta and Columbus as clubs that entered teams for the event.

The day was beautiful, the water was chilly and our swimmers were STRONG!  

Jim Long started the day a bit earlier than most and conquered the 10 K (that's 6.2 miles - just over 2 hours of straight swimming!)

Thomas Sturman and Ryan Kontos jumped in at 10 am and swam 5000 chilly meters (3.2 miles) in just over an hour and last but certainly not least, Maddie Bacon, Avery McFaddin, Holly Hatch, Felipe Andrade, TJ Pittenger and Sammi Lucich beat Coach Denise in the 1/2 mile swim  smiley!!  

We were so impressed with the whole event - extremely well organized, great food and "swag bags" and clear, clean water!   Add the sunny warmer temps and we decided it's a great event to add to our annual calendar!  Hope more swimmers can make it next year!!


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