Wesleyan Meet
If you are not aware, Wesleyan University has revamped their protocol for teams hosting swim meets at the school.  As long time hosts of the Senior Spring Invitational, WRAT takes very seriously these changes as we look to continue our long standing relationship with Wesleyan.  WRAT ask for your help and cooperation in ensuring we have a successful meet for the swimmers. Please read below:


Senior Spring Invitational
Wesleyan University
May 16-18, 2014

Thank you for attending the Senior Spring Invitational at Wesleyan University.  This year, Wesleyan has put forth new protocol for all swim meets being held at the school and we are the first team to run a meet. It is imperative that all who are in attendance for this year’s Senior Spring Invitational be aware of and adhere to the information listed below.
On Deck and Pool Spectator areas are limited to specific numbers and will be strictly followed. Teams will be assigned off deck seating. This will include the spectator area and upper lobby classroom. Meet Spectators will be instructed by Volunteer Marshalls in regards to the procedure for which spectators will be able to watch their swimmer(s) race. Spectators will not be able to sit in the stands for an entire session.

Spectator Seating:
NO folding chairs will be allowed in the front or back lobby of the Freeman Athletic Center.
Chairs will be allowed outside of the building.
The hockey rink spectator seats will be available. Folding chairs will be allowed in the hallway that joins the front and back lobbies. However, should that area become too congested, you will be asked to remove them. Bench seating is available in the far back lobby.

Pool Deck:
The numbers allowed on the pool deck includes: meet workers (administrative, officials and timers), coaches and swimmers. In an effort to keep the meet flowing, a continuous 3-4 heat lineup is considered in the numbers.
People who are going on deck to switch out during the meet for timing responsibilities will be given a ticket as they go on deck. They will then give the ticket to the person they are relieving who in turn will give it back
to the Marshall.

Please know that any effort to disregard the above may result in your team being removed from the meet.

Thank you in advance for your help in making this all work.

Water Rat Swim Team