Response from Risk Management concerning a question regarding summer help


Below is a response from George Ward of Risk Management to a question posed to Susan Woessner, Director of Safe Sport for USA Swimming. Since there have been many changes made over the last several years concerning Safe Sport, it is important that this be shared with all clubs and an email has been sent to all Head Coaches.


From: George Ward
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 8:22 PM
To: Susan Woessner
Subject: RE: Summer coaching help
I think this may help:
Article 502.6.4 of the USA Swimming rulebook states that “Anyone who coaches
swimmers at a USA Swimming practice or competition must be a coach member of
USA Swimming and must have satisfactorily completed safety training, criminal
background checks and other coaches’ education as required by USA Swimming.”
The above article was previously passed by the USA Swimming House of Delegates to
clarify that coaching by any person who is not a registered coach member, including
USA Swimming athlete members, is not permitted.
An athlete member can demonstrate strokes to age group swimmers, the athlete being
in the water and the coach on deck; however, no athlete can provide instruction or do
any coaching without being a USA Swimming registered coach member. Remember, a
coach member of USA Swimming must be at least 18 years of age.
There is now an exception for individuals who are not doing any coaching in the water
but who are only providing dry land training activities. In those instances, if the person
and the club for whom the individual is providing services want the benefit of USA
Swimming’s insurance coverage, then he or she must register as a non-athlete member
of USA Swimming, complete USA Swimming’s background screening and Athlete
Protection Training.
Insurance is a benefit of membership. Those helping at USA Swimming practices where USA Swimming athletes and USA Swimming coaches are involved should follow the guidelines above.
If they are teaching or helping with learn to swim programs usually the clubs have separate coverage from Risk Management Services and those activities are ok. 
No former athlete can be on deck at a USA Swimming practice.  They need to be an athlete member or a coach member.