Meet Your Department Organizers

These folks will be recruiting volunteers for their department. If you like to work a job in their department, make sure that you get to know them. 

Seek and Deploy: Kirsten Cristinziani
Responsible for organizing the effort to notify and line up swimmers in their designated lanes for their events. For each swim meet they will need to recruit 3 “Seek and Deployees” (1 per lane) as well as have someone to work the race card distribution table. 

Ideally this person knows the team well and is recognizable to the swimmers.

Head Timer: Patrick Conner
Responsible for recruiting and training timers for the meets. For home meets, the Head Timer will need at least 12 timers and for away meets will need 6 timers. Head Timer is also responsible for the distribution and storage of timing clipboards and stopwatches.

Scoring: Christopher Lacke

Responsible for keeping score at the meets and recruiting the Order of Finish Observer and Assistant Score Keeper. The Order of Finish Observer is responsible for recording which lanes finish 1-6.  The Assistant Score Keeper organizes and marks the time cards by order of finish along with the order of finish card.

Ribbons: Laurie Hackett

Responsible for recording ribbon information, recruiting 1-2 runners for home meets and an assistant ribbon writer for home and away meets, and maintaining and organizing the ribbon box. The assistant helps organize the time cards as they come to the ribbon table and the runner is responsible for collecting time cards from each lane along with the two order of finish sheets.

Functions: Lori Drouin

Is responsible for helping plan and organize FUNctions.

Coordinates with families to find donations for desserts, baked goods, and fruit for meets and FUNctions. Helps set up and take down FUNction decorations.